7 Recent Rules Changes That WILL Save You Shots!

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In this video, Golf Monthly deputy editor Joel Tadman is joined by Rules of Golf expert Jeremy Ellwood to talk through the 7 rules of golf that have changed recently to make the game fairer and potentially save you shots! Sometimes it can feel like the rules are out to get you but there are situations where they can really work in your favour, as Joel and Jezz highlight in this video shot at the stunning Gog Magog Golf Club in Cambridgeshire.

► Discover the new rule that most interests you and your game!
0:25 Ball hitting you or your equipment
1:21 Loose impediments in bunkers
3:06 Use of rangefinders
6:20 Unplayable lie in the bunker
4:52 Moving ball while searching
8:13 Double hit
9:24 Ball moving on the green

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► Video filmed on location at Gog Magog Golf Club. For more information visit the website: https://www.gogmagog.co.uk/

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27 thoughts on “7 Recent Rules Changes That WILL Save You Shots!

  1. what if you accidently stand on your ball while looking for it, and you push it down into the ground. Can you remove it to the 'previous, more shallow position' without a penalty?

  2. On the "saving double" one. Its hitting 4 if you take relief from the "straight line" method and drop behind the sand, but its hitting 3 if you go back and re tee it right?

  3. Re moving ball on the green – a situation where a ball was embedded on a severe slope on the green. Once repaired the ball would not hold on this spot – what is the ruling here? Thanks

  4. When are they going to change the dropping rule. Why not just be able to place the ball rather than the absurd method of dropping – we started over the shoulder, then went to shoulder high in front and now to knee high. What is the problem about getting a good lie especially if it is after you have just incurred a penalty. And when the ball rolls too far after dropping it then we see the ridiculous TV situation of a rules official having their head at ground level to try and see the exact millimeter spot the ball made contact with the ground. Surely its time to get rid of dropping the ball completely.

  5. Old news but useful information nonetheless. The one about dropping the ball in the flag line behind the bunker is the only one I haven't utilized on my own rounds so far. Slipped my mind – Needed this reminder. ????????

  6. Thankfully, the rules of golf have evolved to sensible common sense options. In a sport known for being stiff and stodgy this is rather miraculous. The rules changes discussed in this video are how most recreational golfers play anyway so good on you.

  7. We call golf 'whackfuck' down here, for a reason… comments people are far too serious. The sort of serious that wrecks a round..The type that deserves a leather wedge in the clacker…
    Range finders and their owners are lame af.. part of the skills of whackfuck used to be about learning to gauge distance and choose the right club accordingly.. between the sign at the tee and 150m markers, you've got all the info you need.. rangefinders are for retards who dont have basic golf skills and cant do simple maths.. im basically one eyed, with the usual depth perception issues.. Even i can accurately judge distance without a poxy range finder.

  8. Nice video, and I agree with other commenters. There are a bunch of rules that don’t make sense in todays overcrowded overplayed, less than perfect condition courses that most of us play on. But it is good to see them making some improvements for play. I would like to see some “pro” players rules for fairways/greens with impossible lies. I should not be penalized that some young maintenance kid put the pin on an unplayable slope with a 30foot roll. The reality of many public courses. I am never going to hit off stones and damage my expensive clubs, I should be able to move the ball to a playable location with no penalty.

  9. 90 % of golfers could not break 100 by playing by the rules, We once aloud everyone to tee the ball up anywhere on the course even sand traps, nobody played any better, their scores were about the same as usual. Professional golfers yes, average golfer who CARES, same with golf equipment, let the average golfer use anything that will increase their game, BTW, if you cannot putt NOTHING will help you anyway.

  10. If the game of golf is "How many strokes it takes to get the ball in the hole," why is it a penalty when the ball moves on it's own, since I didn't make a "stroke" at it. No common sense on that rule.

  11. What about your ball landing in a deep footprint in the bunker? I see it often because on my local course there are many slobs that don’t rake the sand after their shot(nor repair ball marks on the greens). Are these considered man made interferences?

  12. Last rule: Poor choice of words when talking about the ball position once it has been marked on the green. Jez said: "That is now the worst place I can be". It is also the best place you can be. It is literally the ONLY place you can be. The way Jez said it, it makes it seem that if the ball then rolls BETTER, you can use that new location.

  13. Rule 2, loose impediments in a bunker. I think it is important to consider what happens during the act of moving the impediment. For example, a leaf behind the ball is slightly buried. While removing it, the sand condition changes even though the ball does not move. This should be mentioned in this video.

  14. Is there much point of a brand new video talking about 'new' rules that came out in 2019?
    We have been playing these new rules for 4 years!

  15. I WOULD ASK… what if you mark your ball on the green, very sloped green, and replace it at the marked spot, but it just will NOT stay in place where it was, and rolls off the green every time you try to replace it?!?!? What to do then? I would hope they would let you use a tee. Teeing very low would seem to be a sensible solution, so the USGA won’t allow that. What us the USGA solution?

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