It can be a tough one but what golf clubs should you buy as a beginner? There is so much choice and they can be so expensive. How many clubs do I need and do I need custom fitting? In this video Ali will answer all your questions and make it a very simple decision.

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Welcome to AliTaylorGolf. Ali’s channel is designed to help you improve your golf with tips, drills and online coaching as well as reviews of the newest golf clubs and golf equipment.

Starting at an early age, Ali began playing golf when he was just 13 years old. Having played many sports throughout his younger years, he has always had a fascination with improvement. This progressed into his coaching where he feels the most accurate feedback allows the quickest changes to improve the golfer. Since beginning the Ali Taylor Golf YouTube channel, Ali has become extremely active over the various social media platforms that Ali posts updates onto. You’ll find regular tips for your game as well as reviews on the latest products from the biggest brands in Golf, including TaylorMade, Titleist, Callaway, Scotty Cameron, Ping and Cobra. Stay connected with Ali by following his Facebook and Instagram pages and of course don’t forget to subscribe to the ever growing YouTube channel with over 24,000 subscribers!
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  1. BOY do I wish I found your video a year and a half ago ! I was encouraged 2 buys senior flex Cobra complete set clubs, by my 87 year old neighbor! LOL! I’m 67, and my neighbor suggested that I’d be older at some point…. So, he said…. Just buy them now ! LOL! Yeah, I know what UR Thinking….. LOL! I just upgraded everything to Callaway’s Apex DCB Regular flex ! What a difference in ball striking ! LOL!

  2. Hi Ali, I want to start playing golf I am 65 years and I like to start with absolutely minimum numbers of club on a budget which clubs and brand should I get, Thanks my name is Ali too!!

  3. Good video, I have just bought my first set of clubs not played a round yet just been to the range a few times, any tips would be appreciated ????

  4. Hello, Great Video.

    I am a beginner and I was thinking to buy: A Driver,3 fairway, 5 Hybrid, 5-7-P Iron, a sand wedge, patter.

    What do you thing about this composition?

    Thanks for your help!

  5. When I first started out playing golf I had five clubs in my bag had a three wood 7 iron pitching wedge sand wedge and my putter.
    I had to learn how to play with those clubs I had them about five years and looking back I would have to say there were some of the best rounds of golf I ever played but that was 40 years ago.
    That was one of the best golf lessons you ever done Mr Taylor.

  6. Thank you for interesting video. I 100% agree. I started golf a few months ago. Even I just bought a set of T300 I haven't used my iron 6, 8 or P (plastic wrap still around the grip). Still thinking if I need any fairway wood at all or is a hybrid 3 the right choice. Still playing with borrowed driver and putter. I think those are the most chritical an need to be fitted. I still hope I can enhance my swing so much during the winter that it is not worth to fit driver yet. Anyhow next summer I most probably have about eight clubs and that will be enough.

  7. want to grow the sport? stop being so exclusive! I have tried over the years to play golf and only to get a bad "snuff" feeling from certain people

  8. Novice here. I think if you aren’t carrying +250 yards with your driver, you probably won’t see value from a full set of 14 clubs. I play with 9. I like the lighter bag I get using less clubs. I purchased a whole set of irons, but only use half. I can add them as needed as I improve. I don’t play with a driver (yet)
    I use:
    3w – 210yds
    2Hybrid – 190yds
    4Hybrid – 170yds
    5i – 150yds
    7i – 130yds
    9i – 110yds
    GW – 90yds
    56deg – 70yds
    The irons are new Wilson D350’s, everything else is second hand Wilson Staff FG Tour F5, and are very nice quality for very modest cost. All in with bag, shoes, gloves, balls, etc I’m well under $400, and have quality gear that will last. I feel confident that my gear won’t hinder me, as opposed to how I might have that thought in the back of my mind with a cheap box set. I like that I can adjust the hybrids and 3W myself with a cheap wrench to help set proper gapping.
    They all fit in a nice pencil stand bag I got lightly used for very cheap (A99 Golf C8-II) that is very compact, and the whole setup fits nicely out of sight under the back seat in my truck.
    Always having my clubs with me means I get to capitalize on unplanned opportunities for range trips. That’s more valuable to me than a full club set in a giant cart bag that would be across town, sitting in my garage.

  9. I very new to golf. I played 9 holes with a friend and shot about 80 so I was shite. I did love it and went and did 4 lessons and am now looking at buying some clubs. I was looking at the Callaway edge set, They were a tad more then I was hoping to spend but if they are worth it and will last me I'm happy to spend the money. Are they worth the money and should I spend around that or aim at cheeper set?

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