8 year old junior golf swing – Driver

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Tyson Morrisseau says:

It was an ok swing …. Needs more up right posture more hinge at the start and needs to turn his shoulder more behind the ball. And his balance needs more work and picking targets also. And he needs to square his left hand a little bit sooner

Unclereeky1 says:

He's 8..grip needs work, weight transfer isn't bad..and like all young players..he takes the club back too far…as for Airsoftisbeast904..where exactly do you have your weight on your follow" through?

PingGolfer59 says:

Not bad kid! Keep playing this awesome game!!! 🙂

nissanaz itech says:

he overpull on the top, he will slice/fade every shot.

bikerskierCODer says:

whats he hiting to?

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