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Adrian Canny says:

i just bought this in black- love it was holing more putts instantly- dont mind the no sight line- and preferred the slightly thicker grip on black over red and for some reason holed more putts with black one than red which is odd
but definitely worth a try people

sparkdog44 says:

I tried the Tour black today. Never putted better. It's in the bag. No sigthlines really does make you focus more. I love how it rolls off the face .

Tony Leigh says:

Rick, I think these putts sound less clicky than any of those new Scotty Camerons you just tested.

Sean Chang says:

Just curious that….doesn't 'no alignment line on the putter' bother you? I really want to buy the pure red model but no line on her back.

Miguel Dabu says:

Got this putter after testing it at a local Golf Town store. I thought I was imagining the rate of putts I was holing from 5 feet. When I tried other putters, it was no the same. It was for real effective.

Jake Schreier says:

play the mini putt behind you in a video

Keith Finley says:

did you regrip it?

The Iron Foot says:

Add a line, get it in the bag

Nevins says:

This and the black is the same thing correct?

tinpan alley says:

was there anybody who saw the title of this video and didn't think rick was gonna put this in his bag? what a sucker LOL love you for it though rick id probably do the same if i were in your shoes

Brandon Dodd says:

You should review the platinum spider putter. I am currently using it an I love it. It has the new super stroke pistol grip and it has one alignment line on the top of it.

Greg Tickle says:

Awesome Putter and great review Rick. I have DJ's Black Spider and my average puts per round has reduced since.

L. Gyger says:

I don't know if I'm gonna hole a single putt with this… (Holes 3 in a row)
I personally it's all about feel when you choose a putter. I personally don't like to putt with this putter. I tested this one in a pro shop. It just doesn't give me the confidence, because I always think I can't control the pace that well even though the results were exactly the same. I just prefer a classical blade design. It's all in your head. The putter looks amazing and that gives you confidence. You always play better with clubs that look good. That's at least my experience 😉

Alexander Greig says:

I went and tested this putter today at my local golf store. I'm not even kidding, it was the best putter that I've ever hit. I'm going to purchase one as soon as they get them back in stock.

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