ADAMS DHY Driving Iron Hybrid Review

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ADAMS DHY Driving Iron Hybrid Review
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre tests the latest PROTOTYPE ADAMS DHY Driving Iron Hybrid Review using GC2. See why Ricks will be putting this in his golf bag!

36 thoughts on “ADAMS DHY Driving Iron Hybrid Review

  1. Rick I play on a seaside links course and have been looking for a low
    launch club with plenty of chase for into the wind holes. What kind of
    distance roll out were you getting with the dhy

  2. Rick… why does your hybrid have a solid back where the ones I see for
    sale have a red weight on the back?

    BTW… I love your reviews… great job!

  3. Curious about your thoughts comparing this this driving iron with a hybrid
    and a 5-wood. What are the pros and cons of each club? What situations
    would each club perform best?

  4. Thanks for the review Rick. Just ordered this club and I’m super pumped up
    to hit it. I’ll let you know how it goes when the winter is over here in
    New York.

  5. Really surprised the amount of top top players that carry this in their
    bag. Often thought hybrids and the like were for the hackers and mere
    mortals among us!

  6. It would be really interesting to see how the Pro DHy stacks up in a head
    to head with the TM Speedblade 3 Iron, which is 17 degree of loft. Any
    chance of seeing something like that Rick?

  7. I’m a 4 handicap. Just got this club the “adams dhy pro hybrid”, it had a
    screw weight in the back where this one didn’t but wow I love it. I
    replaced my 5 wood with the 18 degree. If you are a person like me who hits
    a 5 wood too high and ballooning you will love this. Getting a much lower
    trajectory and much more accurate. I slightly mishit a few today on the
    course with it slightly off the toe, but it drew right back in play with
    only minor distance lost… This a a great confidence club, I can max it
    out at like 240 if I need to, but on days where I’m not driving great I can
    just punch little rollers out into the fairway and stay in play. I usually
    like to work the ball both ways and am able to do that with ease, any shot.
    Low, high, draws, fades. Great club I highly recommend this for anyone who
    is a decent ball striker. 

  8. Please review the PING Rapture DI. Would love to see how this would stack
    up to the TM UDI, Adams, and the Titleist 714 DI. Love the reviews.

  9. Great video Rick and thanks for reviewing an Adams club for a change. Is
    there any chance that you could review the new XTD range of Irons?
    Ps the Head cover looks Funky!!

  10. Aha! Now we’re talking eh Rick! So much better than the UDI for you. More
    consistent ballflights, and distances, and no missed fairways! No brainer.
    I believe these are available to order in Europe now actually. Check out
    the new Callaway Apex UT next if you can get hold of one Rick!

  11. Been searching high and low for a club to fill my 225 gap, 3i is too short
    with no forgiveness, 5w balloons a little too much and not ideal for rough,
    my dispersion on hybrids is literally embarrassing… don’t understand why.
    I just tested this club at golfsmith on gc2 last week and fell in love,
    little out of my price range for a club that sees use 2 or 3 times a round
    max…. but my season is basically over due to weather anyways. I’ll be
    shopping for a used one until spring. Thanks for the review and confirming
    everything that I was thinking.

  12. adams are a seriously under-rated company, got custom fitted for the first
    time recently, came away with their CMB irons, nothing came close to
    performance & forgiveness. feels like a blade with cavity back forgiveness.
    tried mizuno mp’s & titleist AP2’s but neither had the edge, came fitted
    with kbs shafts too.

  13. you tested the tight lies fairway in your fairway wood review (of 10 clubs
    head to head). i would love to see reviews on the tight lies fairway wood
    on its own as well as the pro hybrid and pro mini hybrid…

  14. Rick I play on a seaside links course and have been looking for a low
    launch club with plenty of chase for into the wind holes. What kind of
    distance roll out were you getting with the dhy

  15. Do you know how this model differs from the current pro dhy? From what I
    could see it’s a different shaft and your version doesn’t have the red
    weight in the back. Easier to hit? Less offset? Bigger head?

  16. As previously mentioned the reason TM own Adams is because they copied the
    Speed Pocket Tech from Adams then Adams sued them so instead of pay
    millions in damages through court, they just bought out Adams. Hence TM own

  17. You should check out the Adams Super S 9031, I think your colleague plays
    one. I’ve got it in a 16 Deg and just love it, great ball flight & very

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