Adams Golf Speedline Driver Review

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MrKody11 says:

Stormy out

David McClintock says:

Just bought this driver 12 degree works great i am getting a lot more lift
around 250 yards constantly.

DoCoMo661 says:

@dannaryan When you’re competing in the World Long-Drive Championships like
Jamie Sadlowski and Jason Zuback, any difference more than a mere 6 inches
can mean either $150k in your pocket or nothing in your pocket.

Nazz123ran says:

@dannaryan hahahahaha fucken rediculous ay

Beanione says:

@deepspacenineincher Re-shaft it. Go to a pro store and get a new shaft.
Sounds like its not the right bend point for you.

Barney6 says:

I got the Adams speedline draw in a 10.5 and it’s a babe staight as a arrow

Jacob Harris says:

Message me and tell me what you think of this driver if you have hit one.
Not the 9032.

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