Adams Golf – Velocity Slot Technology, Innovation TV Commercial

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For years, Adams Golf has been on the cutting edge of new innovations in the golf industry. Aerodynamic design, hybrid iron technology, gapping technology in hybrid iron sets, and now Velocity Slot Technology. It creates a spring-like effect that's been around in drivers for some time … but now it's featured in the Speedline F11 and LP fairway woods and the new Idea a12 and a12 OS hybrids. Adams Golf is driven by innovation – experience the benefits for yourself.



Norman Levy says:

I´m all "ADAMS" and so is my wife…. but I think you must appeal a llittle more to the "emotion" of using such a great fairway wood! I think your commercial is a little too techinical.

rascowo1 says:

I have always been a fan of Adams golf. They consistently seem to pack more technology/bang for your buck than any other company and golf digest seems to agree with their product reviews. I just wish they would keep all their manufacturing here in the USA.

Robert Elliott says:

Looks great, currently using Ping fairway woods however everything else is Adams. This is definately were a try.

JoeGolfKing says:

Very good video, with impressive graphic of the face bending in front of the speed slot.
I think it will be impressive to most viewers. My only question is if it really does anything, especially considering that EVERY modern driver is already at the maximum COR of .830 already.

Randy Rana says:

straight to the point and no BS….

xsboca says:

Sorry I thought this was a driver commercial

xsboca says:

The slotted 3 wood is great!
Is the driver face legal? If it is say so…… Cosmetically is it pleasing? Is the slot a good aiming device? If it is say so! Does the spring like effect add legal distance and what about off center hits?

Mattie yurk says:

Very easy to understand and to the point. I would want that club by the looks of the commercial.

Louis DOrazio says:

I'd like to try this club NOW!

cms123tube says:

I need a 5 Wood. Makes me want to get one.

ksrpvgifts says:

Love my Adams clubs. I would try this club.

Chris Balmer says:

Seems like a good spot… Classy, clean and concise.

kissmynutz1 says:

will definitely demo this club

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