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We're probably a few years away from F1 drivers being replaced by ChatGPT powered drivers, but it's fair to say that AI is perceived to be pretty smart. But how smart is it? And more importantly, what can that intelligence come up with to answer the most perplexing questions in Formula One with no bias at all. We asked AI the most important question of all. This is AI's answers to the top ten driver in F1 history.


17 thoughts on “AI's top 10 F1 drivers of all time | GPFans Special

  1. If AI can analyse all the laps driven by the top drivers and tell us how close to 100% of the capability of the car they achieved then that would be a better comparison IMO.

  2. What was this A.I using as a measure to reach this list, Sir Lewis Hamilton has surpassed all the records of Michael Schumacher and is equal to his WDC record???

  3. I can understand all bar senna, I’m assuming the ai bases it on statistics, but what made senna so great was his magic behind the wheel, his actual stats certainly wouldn’t put him 2nd surely? Schumacher, fangio, Hamilton make sense – they dominated, Clark and Stewart make sense – they had very high win percentages, but sennas stats should put him around Prost and Lauda. If this AI is somehow factoring in the finer things that made him special, then I’m surprised Alonso didn’t make the cut. Still a decent list, good job AI ???????? Lewis is my personal goat as I grew up with the 00’s drivers

  4. As usual with F1, a computer will always just base on results, not the human side. Great drivers have won with a second best car and stats just dont cut it.

  5. I know that chat GPT does not go beyond the year of 2020 or 2021 with its data so obviously there would be someone else up towards the top who is not there. It's a good thing that actual human beings that are fans of the sport, know who one of the greatest if not the greatest drivers of all time is. ???? even though he does not have the numbers yet we all know that he is.

  6. This AI is biased more on a driver dominating teammates. How a driver's teammates stack relative the grid even eras or generation will give more better view. The rule of thumb: A driver dominated competition doesn't always mean he is the best on the grid. Give Hamilton, Alonso, Senna, and Prost all Massa and Rubens level teammates, they would dominate them in a greater rate than Schumacher. Once Schumacher get paired with decent teammate, he get beaten 3 years nonstop.

  7. Lauda needs to be top 5 just because of his return to racing 6 weeks later after that horrendous crash and still competitive.
    Lewis should be far above Stewart…1st in my book.

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