27 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Unsportsmanlike Driver Moments in F1

  1. Verstappen is a mardy fcker. He thinks he can do whatever he wants on track to anyone, and yet when his antics are brought under the spotlight, he thinks it's all fine. If I was Ocon, the second he put his hands on me in the garage, I'd of knocked him on his arse.

  2. I feel super bad for Schumi for being in the situation he's in, but as a driver, I always hated him with a passion and it was because I was a Damon Hill fan, and this incident was what started my hatred. "In bird culture, this is considered a d**k move"

  3. To be fair Senna’s was just a payback to the dirty and protected Prost. He and Ballestre robbed Ayrton 2 times at leats. In Monaco, and Suzuka. In the Monaco incident they stopped the race and Alain made less points than if he had finished second ????
    Later that year lost the title cause of half a point. Dirty french.

  4. I hate this bruh "that's so unsportsmanlike". There need to exist agressions between drivers, what is the world where we live, it forms part of the spectacle

  5. I'm French and i can't stand ocon, who the f attack on the lead when ur one lapped.
    I'm glad Gasli a nice guy and ocon teammate is in front in the standings 2023.

  6. On the subject: anti-sporting attitudes in F1; It will be impossible in the coming centuries for anyone to beat the "successful" duet Briattore & Schumi

  7. How anyone has respect for Schumacher still mystifies me. Vettel deserves respect for his WDC's, but he is also exceptionally overrated and folded consistently under any semblance of pressure his entire career.

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