All the longest drives from 2021 on the PGA TOUR

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Check out all the longest drives televised on the PGA TOUR in 2021, featuring multiple drives over 400 yards and incredible shot shaping from Bryson DeChambeau, Matthew Wolff, Jon Rahm and more.


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Viagem da Mente says:

Sorry about my english, but what happen if he do the wrong thing and the ball do a headshot in someone?

Budd Wolf 1966 says:

I could watch this all day

george ion says:

No more bryson in the pga,he went for the arab money

Paul says:

Bryson is a BMF

darren360elite says:

Bryson is the man

SearchBucket2 says:

Yawn. That's all the big drives are good for; the highlights reel, and of course all the wayward ones get forgotten. De Chambeau's "experiment" is a failure. He would have won more ino by now if he played a controlled game instead of the slugging game.

David Kaplan says:

Dechambeau wimped out right….

Scruffy Delilah says:

JT barely looks like he’s swinging. Not a big guy either

LabGorilla says:

These images are owned by the PGA tour.

LabGorilla says:

They won’t be seeing that again

YouSpedd says:

3:30 what a beautiful view !!😲

jayant dhiren says:

Just get videos of Bryson hitting insane numbers. Million views gaurenteed. Long hitting and mad recovery shots is fun

Micah Miller says:

Nothing better than bombing a green that folks are putting on!

Hullster says:

The longest drive in history was from Colonel Jack O'Neil. He drove a ball through the Stargate and it went 40,000 light years….

ALIBobez says:

No way,I wish to hit like that I can only hit it 230

Bulk Bogan says:

golf needs better commentators… sheesh!!

Hop says:

These drives were great. The announcing left much to be desired. They need caffeine injections or something.

T U says:


Marcus Carbonaro says:

Hey 50 bucks I hit it over the highway. Any takers?

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