262 to 320 ON THE GOLF COURSE TEST impossible improvements

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Ever get to a golf hole and think, “can I make it over that?”, well Mark has serious beef with a bunker at Honiton GC and today he wants to find out if his new golf swing and fitness has truly paid off. Having a target to hit with your golf will only help you strive to improve so get some targets set and work hard towards them. Lets start lowering those scores people.

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fraser whittaker says:

on an ego trip , not really any useful content.

Steve Murray says:

Great vid. We'll done Mark

michael dellar says:

I’m going to say YES you will

Jeff armfield says:

I always love marks energy!

Alan Edwards says:

Impressive and gives hope to us all that we can gain some extra distance if we put in the effort. Well done sir !!!

Maple Sirup says:

"OH CRIKEY!" hahahahahahahahahaha

Greg Douglass says:

Flippin awesome achievment!!!

Well done sir!

Frank Cacciola says:

Yes u got this

peter aloisio says:

He’s got it covered for sure

Gator Golf USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ says:

Nice Crossey β˜•οΈ

paul Bull says:

Boooommmeeerrrr mark. Bunker his face well done mate all that hard work Is paying off.

Oscar Johansson says:

This is so rewarding even for me as a subscriber! Your determination to reach this far has been impressive and fun to follow.

Frank lloyd says:

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Trevor S says:

Awesome footage. Enjoyed the perspective of hit and carry. Challenge is to find one for Coach!

Sir TogII says:

Well done. Good to see 2 years of work paying off.

Peebs says:

Loved the six million dollar man slo mo running !

Tony Westwell says:

That was a lot of fun Mark, you should probably give Coach a helmet for the next one.

Craig Crawford says:

I think it's cool that scratch golfers average carry is 265 but every YouTube golfer can hit as far as Dustin Johnson

Craig Berry says:

Well done OG

Rob Biles says:

Do you get a plaque now?

Simon Lohmeyer says:

Long dog for sure carrying it. Use those hips bruh. #core power

Cocko says:

Well done bud, awesome when you see real results.

Roger Sturgeon says:

yes 4th ball

Anthony David says:

He's dreaming!

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