Are Callaway Drivers ACTUALLY Getting Better?

Callaway are back for 2024 with a brand new range of drivers.

But are the brand new Paradym Ai Smoke Drivers any better than last years Paradym models?

I got my hands on the Paradym Ai Smoke Max, Max D and Triple Diamond drivers to find out!

Let me know which model you want to try!

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27 thoughts on “Are Callaway Drivers ACTUALLY Getting Better?

  1. I love your content Hannah but this club is no better or it's even worse (because of your review…carried 245) than the Wilson DynaPWR Carbon Driver. So I'm struggling to see you promote a driver that's worse than a 1 year old driver. You can argue about consistency, but consistency is about the player, not the clubs. I now know what golf influencers are all about. 100% no hate Hannah, your content is really good. But this proves to me how the game of golf is broken and influencers have created a monster.

  2. Great review.
    Does the extra 5-7 yards actually justify the expense of a new driver? Probably to some it will.
    I’m not consistent enough off the tee to justify the cost, plus, I would need to then reevaluate all my iron distances, ????

  3. Hannah – you are repeating Callaway marketing BS almost word for word. How much did they pay you to post this? This years drivers are no better than last year, or the year before, or the year before that. Independent testing has shown driver head performance peaked around 2012-2014 and has been flat ever since. Different shaft offerings are the only difference maker since then. Testing for the best ball for your swing will make the biggest differences, not the driver head. A few years ago a 2012 Ping G20 driver won a distance & forgiveness test against 50+ other drivers from 2012-2019. Rick Shiels also did exhaustive testing of 5 years of drivers 2012 – 2018 and said that the Callaway driver heads over the 5 years had exact same ball speed, with only shaft differences accounting for the 3-7 yards differences amongst their drivers. If you go buy a new driver you are throwing money out the window. Go look at Rick Shiels 5 years testing on youtube as a guide and spend $100 on a good used adjustable shaft driver circa 2013-2016 with a shaft that's tested good for you. This will give you max performance. Fred Couples stuck with the SLDR driver from 2013 to 2020. The longest driver I've ever played with still uses a 2010 Burner Superfast 10.5 with stock X-con regular flex. He averages over 310 yards in the moist Seattle weather and told me he's tested at least 30 other drivers in past few years and nothing hits it better.

  4. Great review Hannah…always watch yours as I swing a similar speed and not at 110 like all the other reviewers. People need to remember that AI Smoke s not aimed at Paradym users necessarily. If I'd bought a Paradym i wouldnt be looking at this one bit if I had a Mavrick or Epic Flash then it would be worth it for the off centre hit improvement. Fairways soon?

  5. Until the manufacturers settle on ONE shaft attachment point, I’m not switching drivers if I can’t use my TM shaft on a different driver head or a Callaway or Titleist on a TM shaft.

  6. It’s basically the same driver… I just wish all the YouTubers would leave an honest review. “We were given this club to promote it. It’s basically the same, and if you have a 10 year old driver you might want to upgrade… if your driver is 3-5… what’s the point.” ????

  7. If a manufacturer of Golf Clubs wanted to dominate the market, especially with the Driver, then if they priced these at £250 each, everyone would get one. But, manufacturers are greedy. hence the price tag, Great review though Hannah.

  8. Another great video Hannah…very interesting about the consistency. I'm still using the Rogue ST Max driver which I love, the new Ai model may be worth a try.?

  9. You’re becoming my go to channel for reviews. You have a similar clubhead speed to me although you are a bit better than me. Keep up the great work ????I won’t be changing driver this year tho from Ping G430 Max

  10. You're swinging it well Hannah! I wish I had that sort of consistency. Loved your presentation style too – sensible, calm with intelligent comment. This outclasses many other Youtube pundits. Puts you up there with Iona.

  11. Spend your money on lessons. Your welcome… The big companies are just fleecing customers year in year out… Unfortunately it’s supply and demand, there are too many people who want the newest product so it looks great in the bag.. Not for me, the game is expensive enough.

  12. If folks can afford to spend in the region of £70 per yard of distance gained, all power to their elbow. The AI Smoke looks great but not affordable for me as it stands. Thanks for the review, Hannah.

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