3 Wood vs 5 Wood – What Club Should You Have in the Bag?

Do you need a 3 wood or a 5 wood in your golf bag?
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26 thoughts on “3 Wood vs 5 Wood – What Club Should You Have in the Bag?

  1. I've just made the move away from Hybrids. Now carry Driver, 5 Wood, 7 Wood, 9 Wood and then 6 iron to Wedge with a total of 5 wedges. It's honestly a perfect set up for me.

  2. I got a 4 wood instead of a 3 or 5. I can turn it over a little hit it lower and make it run out to be a 3. I can cut it and hit it a bit higher and make it a 5. I play hybrids as well but I hit this significantly further than my 3 hybrid. It seems to be the move to me.

  3. Getting a 3HL Paradym to replace a 3 wood/5 wood with a “4” wood. Cut the shaft 1/2 inch short for more control and add 1* loft for 17.5 degrees 70-80 gram shaft. Need that fairway finder when it counts.

  4. For the life of me…the 3-wood is the most inconsistent. 5-wood or 7-wood I love the reactions, distance and height. I moved away from hybrids altogether in recent months.

  5. Years back I took 3 wood out because I cold hit 5 wood very similar distances, that 20 years ago.
    Now I'm 64, new technology, can't hit anything as far, 3 wood stayed, maverick max, I can do a lot of different shaped shots off the fairways, it doesn't have the height of the 5, and gives me better roll outout this then helps with wedges I like to hit into par fives, anyhow depending on what age you are can really impact what goes in your bag.
    Another favourite for my age group, a lot of guys love the 7 woods.
    Im not a fan of the hybrids, I just can't hit them consistently

  6. I appreciate your personality and character in your videos Matt. The set I’m using, which I only have about 15-20 rounds with, I can’t say I’ve ever pulled the the 3 or 5 wood except at the range. But I haven’t been out in about 5 years now. Maybe time for a change as I do rely on my wedges more (probably cause I miss so many greens LOL.

  7. I have a driver 3, 5, and 7 wood cobra radspeed. Thinking of of taking 3 wood out since it’s a bit redundant with 5 wood. Took 4i and hybrid out of bag.

  8. I use the both. 3 wood off the tee and on long approach’s. 5 wood on shorter par 4s or long par 3s. 5 woods are good for getting over trees on long approaches as well. Got that Mav 5 wood and epic speed 3 wood. Love ‘em both.

  9. Got my first 5wood. Problem now is i got two….mistook one for a 3w????‍♂️ Choice between:
    TaylorMade r580 18°
    Titleist 906F4 18.5°
    Best part is it only cost me $20.

  10. As I have gotten older I find it harder to get a 3 wood up in the air so I carry a 5 wood. The good news I don’t spray the driver as much so I don’t need a 3 wood off the tee that much.

  11. Never thought of that! Both a 3 and a 5! I have used my 3 and 4 hybrids a lot the past 10 years. But ya know what my favorite hybrid is now? A 4 iron! I can hit the ball out of the rough, I can hook it or fade it around a tree, I can hit it as short or as far as I need. The only reason I've been leaving my 5 wood out is because I just love my 4 iron and hit it just as far! I could probably enjoy playing golf with a 3 wood, a 5 wood, and just 3 irons…4, 7, Gap Wedge and putter… In fact, I could take out the putter and putt with the 7 iron and call it good. Being able to work my clubs is far more important than how far I can hit them. Ego steers many golfers down the wrong road. You've got a lot of great, solid and practical advice. Count me in as a new subscriber!

  12. Love your channel Matt!
    I am now using a Ping G430 2 Hybrid, 4 Hybrid, and 5Hybrid. 5-PW TaylorMade P790 irons, vokey 50,54,58 wedges.
    Inside on trackman, I was only hitting the 3 Wood a little further than the 2 Hybrid. I love the 2 hybrid. It's a GREAT fairway finder. And I can hit stinger type shots with it. Also use it for punch outs from bad lies. Works great. I feel very comfortable with it compared to a 3 wood, probably due to the shorter shaft. I play 99% at my same local course, so it works for me. I did consider ditching the 5 hybrid for a 3 wood, but the 5 hybrid proves to be very valuable from bad lies, and when I need to get the ball up over a tree. So for rest of this year, I am sticking to this setup.

  13. I don't cary a 3 or 4 iron because they are not as reliable as my 5 wood. I also cary my 3 wood. I only go 3 wedges because I find the 50 and the 52 to be the same club for me.

  14. I am hitting 15 fairways out of 18 with my driver don't really need a hybrid to get out of rough seldom, taking the hybrid out as well as the 3 wood going to put a 7 wood in my bag this summer for off-the-deck struggle,as well as using both fairways off the deck no problem with irons off the deck , with a 3 wood going out, going use a 5 wood as well for teeing off as well

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