Ben Hogan Driving – 1940 through 1966

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The Mighty Atom hitting driver, from 1940 through 1966.


plutoniumrocket says:

The key difference from his swing in the 50s from his swing before is his right knee. He seems to consciously move it through impact as opposed to just allowing it to be dragged through as it appears before.

myswingevolution says:

Oh jeffy0028… This is delicious indeed! ┬áThank you, kindly.

greg h says:

That 40's golf swing is unbelievable. Nobody quite like it…come to think of it, I haven't even seen a 100% accurate "Hogan" backswing either. You'd think that would be the most easily replicated piece.

Jack Rowland says:

Thankyou for posting this, his pivot action was truly amazing. His hip action especially when a younger man reminds me of Bubba, vicious! If only we'd had high speed HD back in their day. Excellent.

Tony Scott says:

His hands look quite high at address and he's reaching for it in 47 and 48.

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