In this video I discuss Ben Hogan's leg drag in golf swing, and demonstrate my “Quarter Swing” drill.

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19 thoughts on “BEN HOGAN LEG DRAG

  1. Hogan stated in " The 5 Fundamentals " that the lower bodys action was the feeling that someone had grasped the golfers belt buckle and pulled it towards the target on the downswing. Hogans extension carried farther into his follow through than most golfers. He was the best.

  2. Dear Christo – great video as always! I've noticed that BH often trained with a cigarette (plus holder) in his mouth. The cigarette is never lit. I think he used it as an aid to keep his head still and move his shoulders on a consistent plane under the cigarette. He used the holder for extra length so he could see the cigarette. What do you think?

  3. Have you ever thought about opening the pelvis by loading your right groin while screwing your right foot clockwise into the turf? That shifts the weight automatically to the left and opens the pelvis without forcing the right hip to the target. Just my 2 cents…..

  4. Hi Christo – this reminds me of a comment Gregg McHatton made during your last video with him: the right hip should lead the right knee into impact. If the knee leads the hip, that spells trouble.

    Great video!


  5. Justin Thomas is WAY off that trail foot into impact….to your point.
    But there is indeed a push off with that trail foot first, hence the need for the extra spike in Hogan's shoe. He apparently recognized the fact that you "brace right, load left" as you complete the backswing. (float loading I think you called it)
    The arm "across" the chest is a tricky one. It has been proven that into impact (Athletic Motion Golf on YouTube) that the left arm increases its angle OFF the chest into impact. This is the angle of adduction, which is the angle of the left arm to the torso. It begins near 90degrees at set up, drops in the pros (collapses completely in some amateurs) during the backswing, then increases again into the impact area. It seems a fault to have the left arm flat against the chest. Pinned to leverage the club does not necessarily mean pinned flat against the chest.
    jump to 1:35 mark of the above video to see the proof.
    Christo, I would like to see you look into this as well as the arching of the right hand at address which I see some pros do and some not.

  6. it's all in the knees. as far as footwork goes….couples did it best. i think it was become a lost art. sam, ben, middlekoff, jack..amazing foot and leg work. i have always fought this tension in my left leg that prevents the proper turning in. my L knee wants to go str8 out. rrrrrrr!

  7. Your right arm is still a lot straighter through impact than Ben Hogan’s. I think that’s why he has a lot more rotation and extension through impact as well.

  8. I’ve been feeling that the move from shang-ra-la is more linear. Like my left shoulder so pulling the butt end of the club into a wall ahead of the ball. More linear than rotational.

  9. Norman had a "moon walk "to his swing at a point in his career. His right foot moving forward and left, his left foot moving left at the
    same time, through impact.

  10. Greg Norman has a leg action similar to this. It creates a huge flat spot in his swing, which is why Norman was such a great driver and such a terrible iron player. Look at Hogan hitting wedges. His narrower stance shows different leg action. I caution you about thinking this is something to work on in your swing.

  11. Good stuff Christo. So here's my take on the soft relaxed rt leg: We need something to swing against as the arms/club are going up post impact, so to keep it accelerating. And the only force available is gravity. The de weighting rt leg is actually stabilizing the upswing. Exactly like throwing. Note how the trail leg goes soft in throwing to stabilize the post release of ball motuon. Were there no pull of the club and we made the same movements with swing and feet we'd fall back into right foot. So, the soft rt leg is a major power source because we can keep swinging hard past the bottom and upward.

  12. In my opinion, leg drag is evidence that Hogan's pivot is driven by two things: the spine/core (however you choose to look at it) & lateral motion. Not from the legs, knees, and feet. Everyone looks at the hips and core as being built on top of the legs & hips but I think its opposite. The core actually pulls and moves your legs in my anecdotal experience.

    You can actually see Hogan's left foot being dragged towards the ball in the backswing as well, despite all of Hogan's extra spikes in his shoes.

    As a side note I also see the right leg and the clubhead as a pair. The pivot drags the clubhead and the right leg through impact at the exact same time.

  13. Don’t JERK your hips and don’t stop turning your hip. He’s not “running at the ball” his left side is pulling his right side around. That left hip never stops turning. Chris, your knee doesn’t just out over the toe line. It’s the bump to the left, club drops & his left hip pulls his left shoulder and side around and that’s what causes the his footwork. If you look carefully his right foot leans left towards his left side and he comes off the instep. You’re on the right track, but don’t think so much about the positions as the LEFT SIDE pulling the club head thru. That’s how it works.

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