Ben Hogan Front-On Training Guide 3

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John Garner says:

Power Golf a must book for good golfers. You learn something every time you pick it up, and the pictures are fabulous. There's 1 mistake in the text sequence of his IRON play, taken from behind ! ! Good Golfing


the links lizard says:

Definitely no chicken wing there.

riff724 riff724 says:

hey I have ben Hogan CFT irons I used to knock them a mile but I never looked like that . o wait I never will

golfprochen says:

Accelerate a lagging club head through impact. Acceleration is easy, whereas lagging the club head is not.

historicus146 says:

his hands syncing up with the right thigh strikes me….
power combo!

vimal Mittal says:


phil murphy says:

music takes me back to my teens in the 70s aka blue movies from usa

神戸牛 says:

That's really helpful. Good job, great Ben Hogan!

douglas kim says:

Thanks for this video. It helps me a lot.

Michael Libert says:

ben hogan is the night fox

Dreama40 says:

I never knew God played golf.

Bob D says:

Wow, has anybody had a better swing than Ben? I think not!

Frank Mcchrystal says:

Thanks Ant.

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