In this video I discuss how Mr. Hogan got into position to drive the ball so long and straight!

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  1. I believe this is Ben Hogan's "Zapruder film" as this is the only time I see him actually try to explain with a club in his hand what he is trying to do – and what should be done. I often think if somebody had the presence of mind to film a whole series with Hogan on all aspects of golf and the swing back then, what would it have done for golf instruction for amateurs in the 60's and 70's?
    In any case, I watch this clip more times than I care to admit! Thing of beauty……..

  2. I found the secret move is not to let gravity drop the arms or the hands from the top position during the downswing. Rather to drop the right elbow down first towards the right side while turning my hips. This move actually fixed all my tendency to come over the top while driving aggressively with my right knee towards my left knee. More distance straight with more shallow compressions. BTW I am .5 handicap playing competitive golf for many years. I feel I can score much lower now.

  3. It does seem that on the BS his right elbow leaves the body for a second, then he drives it back into his body in the downswing… but hey Christo, when is your next visit to golftec? Are you sticking with the steeper shoulder concept?

  4. This is silly. Has anyone considered that Hogan did these specific moves for HIM? He had tendencies (as we all do) on his downswing and impact which is why he could open the face wide with no issue. This game isn't about finding what works for HIM (unless you have all the same tendencies ) it's about finding what works for YOU. Experimenting is fun and useful just not black and white. This isn't a RULE.

  5. Here's something I also noticed about Hogan's swing here thru impact: Notice the left knee. It actually moves past the foot toward the target!!! Would this not keep the club on line for a longer period of time? Your thoughts Christo? Btw… I just checked out a video of Tiger's swing to compare… Tiger's left knee is more or less in line (vertically stacked???) compared to Hogan. Tiger seems to straighten the left leg earlier. Isn't this left leg straightening a modern thing to hit against the ground and create more force. In my phys ed degree we learned of the "speed-accuracy tradeoff". I wonder if there is a "force-accuracy tradeoff"? Would Hogan's swing like this be "harder on the knee joint"? Some thoughts. Yours?

  6. When one tucks the right elbow in tight against the side of the upper body, as did Hogan, and then just rotates the upper body through the shot, as did Hogan, it's really difficult to come over the top; with the right arm in so close like that. Actually, both of his arms are plastered to his sides at impact. All he is doing is throwing a ball side arm.

  7. I think you need lower hands at P6 (half-way down) … agree with the hip rotation bit. However, I use extensor action at the top and then simply turn thru the ball with the torso …arms are like thick ropes that whip thru impact with a bowed left wrist and flexed right wrist. Hands are ahead of ball at impact due to your bump left and hip turn …not a purposeful thrust of the arms forward. I do have a thrust element to my swing …this is created by the diagonally upward push of right big toe and the vertical upward thrust of the left knee (parametric acceleration) ..if timed correctly you get massive flash speed thru impact

  8. One thing to keep in mind, this swing of Hogan’s is with his driver, so the longest club in his bad. Naturally with a longer club your swing plane would be flatter and more round, vs a shorter iron with a more upright lie angle. People will try and copy his flatter driver swing with all their clubs and they’re failing to understand that the swing plane naturally is different from club to club.

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