I believe this is my best Ben Hogan golf swing. I've been ripping it long with a slight fade by widening my stance and cupping my wrists at the top.

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  1. You are literally stood straight up at impact !! I've never seen any pro golfer who does this, they all increase thier forward bend through impact then extend into the follow through.

  2. Hi Christo, thanks for your latest video. It is great to follow you along on your quest. In this video you mentioned that from the top of your backswing you pull the club into the ball. I was wondering if you could explain that move in more detail. Thank you

  3. Hey man, I’m not a subscriber but I’ve watched a lot of your videos and am really inspired by what you’ve done. I am also a huge Ben Hogan fan and 5 lessons is the foundation of my swing. The one thing that Hogan did and you and I can’t seem to do is he lowers his head as he is approaching impact and I noticed in your video that your head is rising as you are coming into the impact zone. If we master that we will both make a lot more money. By the way, Tiger lowers his head also. Thanks for all you have done. It’s helped me on my journey.

  4. At/after impact, Hogan's shoulders are angled steeper than yours, and you know, he's really got that right shoulder right under his chin after impact but your chin and shoulder have not closed that gap; I think because he really "gets down" and bows his back and just seems to toss that right arm past impact wile holding that "chin under right shoulder position" !!! You need not do Y_ _ A; just call it stretching, back stretches; flexion and extension, rotation, etc. The other thing is anti-Christian as it can lead one to hold positions leading to meditations that invoke evil spirits. so let's just call it "stretching".

  5. That's freaking awesome, Christo! I know this has been a work in progress for that last 6-7 years. You're an inspiration to all of us that love this game.

  6. Your shoulders are turning on a much flatter plane than Ben Hogan. That is because your right shoulder doesn't move up. See Jimmy Ballard. Doug PGA Golf Professional

  7. 2 glaring differences jump out at me:

    1) Spine Angle: Ben Hogan was tremendous in terms of maintaining his spine angle (the angle formed where the line drawn from sternum to belt buckle intersects with a line drawn from knee to belt buckle). Generally, pros will not only maintain this angle through the swing but even tighten it further while moving into contact. Take a look at Ben Hogan down the line to verify this. Another great example is Tiger Woods circa 1999 vs. now (if you just watch his spine angle, it will be clear when he was playing better and being more consistent—side note: it's not just his back, he started losing it after he left Butch Harmon; it's just really bad now). You nearly entirely lose your spine angle moving into contact (watch carefully and you will see you have lost all your front bend early in the swing). In fact, you and Ben Hogan are moving in opposite directions at contact in terms of spine angle.

    2) Weight Transfer: Ben Hogan moved his zipper line over his lead ankle as he moved into contact. Your zipper line never gets there until you have rotated. This means that relative to Ben Hogan, you are spinning your hips instead of having a more linear drive toward the target. It also means that since Ben Hogan is maintaining his spine angle, he can move his back toward the target during the weight transfer. You are unable to do this because you have lost your spine angle by this stage so spinning is all you can muster as you've already opened up your lead shoulder. This is also why you're able to fade the ball so easily.

  8. Been watching for awhile. Great work. One thing I noticed… the angle of the shoulders… Hogan has his left shoulder more pointed at the ball at the top. Probably a bit deeper in his left side bend at the top. You might tinker with that… or not!

  9. Great swing Christopher but for me at 68 a wide stance requires more flexibility in the body on the back swing and an old bugger like me can’t do it so I stay about shoulder width with the driver. I might try tha t yoga though if you think at my age it’s worth it. Cheers from the UK

  10. Hey I was just wandering if you had any thoughts about trying to learn to play golf with clubs of say Hogan's era? Would this in your opinion be a good or bad thing

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