Ben Hogan – ‘The Hogan Mystique’

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18tangles says:


Areel says:

Booooyaaahhhh……Rage Against The Machine

Richard Jones says:

damn who needs new equipment

John Davis says:

rally round the green with a pocket full of balls. yea!!!. Ben was hardcore

Cody Hamilton says:

Hogan is disgusted by the left wing garbage music selected for his swing.

Giampiero Filomeni says:

Scelta del sottofondo musicale PESSIMA!

cndvd says:

He has a single plane swing. Like Moe Norman but different.

john paul grzesinski says:

What a bunch of moaning a-holes. The soundtrack doesn't matter. (I like it by the way). In 100 years time this video will still exist, golf will still be played, and we'll all be in our graves, and future soundtracks unimaginable. The Hogan remains the same.

1cleandude says:

Kudos for the tune; however, it doesn't due Mr. Hogan and/or his talent any justice!!!  So I say No to anymore HYNO videos! Peace out!

Ektototo Toek says:

Beautiful full swing

Mashie niblick says:

Regards the background music, just turn your volume right down.
I decided to try Ben's slightly closed stance on long shots, that is with the right foot set back two or three inches, but the shoulders still relatively square to target.
I was pleased to find a little draw shape of about 3 yards. Thanks Ben.

David Driscoll says:

Did not expect Rage Against the Machine… somehow, it works. Love it!

Tony Wirth says:

what is with the shitty music

ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn says:

communist trash music

desertsun100 says:

The "mystique" is the hands lead the golf swing.. Forget all the bs about hips shoulders legs etc.

gabrielle aujard says:

You want to see a pure golf swing . Check out Peter thompson

Andy M says:

I love Rage. Weird combo though.

seemlyme says:

Music is not suitable for this

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