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  1. Right after studying these golf swing tricks “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it) and exercising the drills as I study, I went out and also shot a seventy three. I was also able to strike 13-18 greens and that was the best one I had ever since I began playing. I also almost strike the green with a distance of 5 to ten yards on the other 5 holes. 73s is not a natural thing for me since I have a handicap of 9. When I think about it, I haven’t had an outstanding round for a long period. .

  2. When I was still a starter, I managed to achieve a slice and one hundred fifty yards by conducting a normal drive. After mastering these golf swing secrets “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it) Now I strike drives between two hundred and two hundred and twenty yards and sometimes longer. My handicap has gone from a 26 to a 16. Look for the guide and try making use of it these days.. .

  3. HI Bobby
    I started working on this drill.
    questions: in an actual downswing, I should let my hand pull down to get a head start, then the lower body weight shift?
    I found that the drill helps me a lot but there were times that I forgot to shift my weight…
    please help
    thank you again

  4. The 2 O'clock drill saved my game! I got a case of the shanks and was about to hang it up. Came across this drill from Be Better Golf and have applied it with amazing success! Please try it and stick with it! It may just be the last drill you need to flush those irons and make more birdies! Thank you Bobby Lopez!

  5. Hi Bobby,what a breath of fresh air you are ,fantastic drill can’t wait to try it n the course tomorrow.Makes total sense of the feeling needed to pull those arms down


  6. That's alright Bobby I found the answer, the body turning is secondary to pulling the arms down. It's like a reaction that you don't have to think about right?

  7. Thanks for the video Bobby, it really made sense. But what I am confused about is, when you're "ringing the bell" by pulling the arms straight down from the top, is that timed up with the lower body? Because at some point, it has to turn right?

  8. Mr Lopez. Ive passed through your videos countless times. Watched in amusement just because I like your style and the way you talk to viewers. First time I saw one of your posts I got a kick outa listening to my favorite golfer Lee Trevino? Never tried any of your drills though till this month. When I realized Bobby Lopez is one of the renown teachers on the globe I tried the 2 Oclock drill. Without going through all the gory details about how you have improved my swing and game I will just say amazing transformation of a 12 handicap golfer here. I thank you but my golf crowd does not. Later

  9. Hi Bobby: I found you by accident on YouTube a couple of weeks ago. I watched your swing analyses of the many pro videos that you have and started doing your drills because they made so much sense to me. Those drills let me to schedule a lesson with you on July 6th. Since starting your drills, I am now making a swing that has enabled me to play the best golf in years! Yesterday I shot my best score ever (85) at Duke University in a Carolina's Golf Association (CGA) tournament. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!

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