Best Drivers 2023

Shot on location at the brilliant Dundonald Links in Scotland TG Test Pro Neil Wain and Equipment Editor Simon Daddow test and review the best Drivers of 2023.

We narrow 38 drivers down to our favourite two Low Spin models, five Forgiving models and five Draw Biased models.

See the test data on our website here

1:14 Do you need a Low Spin, Forgiving or Draw Biased driver?
8:17 How we created our data.
9:26 How our Low Spin drivers compare for drop-offs, shot area and dispersion.
12:56 How our Low Spin drivers compare for ball speed, launch angle, spin, peak height, descent angle and carry distance.
14:23 Our best Low Spin drivers of 2023.
14:52 How our Forgiving drivers compare for drop-offs, shot area and dispersion.
16:57 How our Forgiving drivers compare for ball speed, launch angle, spin, peak height, descent angle and carry distance.
17:38 Our best Forgiving drivers of 2023.
21:14 How our Draw Drivers compare for ball speed, launch angle, spin, peak height, descent angle, carry distance and shot area.
22:21 Our best draw Drivers of 2023.

Get more information about all of our best performing drivers individually below:

Ping G430 LST –

TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus –

Callaway Paradym –

Ping G430 MAX –

TaylorMade Stealth 2 –

PXG 0211 (2022) –

Mizuno ST-X 230 –

Cleveland Launcher XL Lite

TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD –

Callaway Paradym X –

Ping G430 SFT –

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16 thoughts on “Best Drivers 2023

  1. I'd go for a PXG 0211($199) US or Cleveland Launcher XL driver ($249) US just on price alone.

    Yes the feel is not as good as the Mizuno or Titleist but the Pants pocket feels much better (heavier). More duckets in the pocket with the former.

    Cheers. Bugger on!

  2. Great video as always! What is the MOI of the TSR2. Curious since it didn’t make your top 5.
    I was custom fit for my TSR2. After comparing it to my old gamer 2016 M2, standard Paradym & G430 max. TSR2 had the best sound/feel, smash and carry compared to them all.

  3. Well done great to see. Don't understand why no cobrajet and mizuno stz in forgiving category why stx in forgiving when u have it in draw bias. I think u left out 2 of the better drivers.

  4. In the forgiving category the PXG 0211 is arguably the best driver….4 yards shorter but the smallest shot area. Price wise $199 vs $599 for the highest priced. I bought one of the "expensive" ones last year before PXG dropped their prices. If I was in the market now for a new driver I would definitely go get fit for a PXG.

  5. For the life of me, I will never understand the love for Ping drivers. They are always shorter and lack ballspeed compared to Taylormade and Callaway. Now, with Titleist finally making amazing drivers and Cobra just getting better every release (except the radspeed), Ping is barely in the top 5. The g430 is just as ugly as they always are, but it finally does sound better. I just can't see spending 500-600 dollars on a driver that is ugly and sounds like drivers from some walmart bargain bin!

  6. Finally Titiest and for any golf company make alite weight driver for a senior lm a 70yrs old playing golf about for 25 years I bought The Ts1 in stiff and I love it I lost alot of distance in my old age but I got most of it back with my new Titiest driver also purchased a five wood and a five hybrid love it all much mahalos Bob from Hawaii

  7. Gentlemen, I appreciate your content. Dundonald looks beautiful. I have played the course a number of times, but not since the new facilities have opened.

  8. I love watching these guys, but I don't agree at all on this one. The TSR3 and the Paradym are by far the best 2 drivers this year with the TRR3 just edging it for me. I was just fit a couple of months ago, and I hit every major brand except Srixon and Mizuno. The TSR3 game me the best ball speeds, spin, launch, and distance, with the Paradym a close second. It also doesn't hurt that the TSR3 is the best-looking, sounding, and feeling driver I have ever hit! Plus, it is much more forgiving than it gets credit for. I don't see any possible scenario where it isn't in my bag for 5+ years.

  9. Well done lads! Your camera presence has really improved! I’m willing to bet there is a bit less editing involved when making these videos. Keep up the good work ????????‍♂️

  10. These videos are all great – but everyone should go get fit. The TSR3 is comfortably the best driver in my eyes after trying them all – but that speaks to the importance of not just going out and buying what you see/hear on Youtube.

  11. Thanks for the extensive driver review. Plenty of information here to mull over and evaluate. I know it is coming, but I am looking forward to the utility iron face-off, and hoping that you will be able to include the Sub 70 799 model.

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