My New Driver! The Best Drivers Of 2024 Head-To-Head!

What is the Best Driver of 2024? I have tested 22 driver models from Ping, Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Cobra, PXG and Wilson to find out.

In this episode of ‘Pick My Sticks' I delve into the driver data of each club to see which 2024 driver is going to make it into my golf bag. Will it be a longer carrying low-spin model, a draw-bias model or one of this year's super forgiving 10k drivers?

So what is the best golf driver of 2024? You'll have to watch the video to find out…

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Hi, I'm Hannah Holden; welcome to my channel!

I am a +2 golfer from Leeds, England.

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27 thoughts on “My New Driver! The Best Drivers Of 2024 Head-To-Head!

  1. Great video Hannah. I would like to ask this. I am fairly short for a guy 5 ft 6 inches. Some of my friends play with drivers that are 43.5 inches in length. You mentioned you were fitted into a shorter driver. I am curious how long??? I have been playing with one thats 43.75 inches . Seems to be easier to control and doesn't really seem to lose much distance if any for me. Many people don't know this but Jack Nicklaus played with a driver under 43 inches in length. Good luck with your new driver. 🙂 Figuring these things out is one of the fun parts of our sport. Joe

  2. Mizuno have traditionally used shorter shafts than other manufacturers. The max is longer for Mizuno to bring it up to match the others????
    You need to reset your perception re. Mizuno woods. They are just as good as the rest and CHEAPER????

  3. I think you should game the Qi10 max and driver it like Nelly. Game over ! put the Titleist in the closet because you know its probably coming back at some point. I currently game the TS3

  4. I wanted a Ping 10K max but my local shop was unable to order a 217 gram head. Then I found out about the Palm Tree Crew Darkspeed X. Obviously, I had to get it. Ordered that with a 16 gram weight to replace the 3 gram. Should get around 217 grams.

  5. Great video Hannah, I’ll be sticking with my Stealth 2 HD but I did enjoy hitting the Qi10 recently. What course was that, it looked a bit too sunny and green to be in Yorkshire!?

  6. Hannah, a very interesting video, great review of all this years contenders, so dispersion was what helped the final decision…after watching the Callaway review I was sure that would be the club…just shows what I know !!! ????

  7. Need a four club shoot out, 9 and 10.5 Ping vs 9 and 10.5 TM, or fitted Ping vs fitted TM. Those are the clubs of 2024, so seeing those three video's, fitting at both then a shootout would be great. (and costly!, but worth it..subscribers need to do a whip round !!)

  8. Loved the review, great narrative and loved the inside numbers being discussed briefly at the end. The titleist, Wilson and Mizuno sounded great to me and with all the yardages so similar it is not an easy choice. Nice comments on the much overlooked headcover ????

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