It’s the video you’ve all been waiting for… Our review team has been working hard in the background testing all the latest releases in order to be able to crown the best golf driver of 2024! Joe ‘The Pro’ Ferguson casts his eye over the 22 different models and selects his favourites in looks, sound/feel, performance, consistency and value before crowning his overall favourite right at the end of the video!

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Feel/Sound 3:53
Performance 6:31
Consistency 9:19
Value 11:37
Overall Winner 12:52

► Product Links To Our Top Ten Drivers:
Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max driver –
Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke TD driver –
Cobra Darkspeed Max driver –
Mizuno ST-230 Max driver –
Mizuno ST-G driver –
Ping G430 Max 10k driver –
PXG Black Ops driver –
TaylorMade Qi10 driver –
TaylorMade Qi10 Max driver –
Titleist TSR3 driver –

► Video shot on location at the beautiful Santo Da Serra Golf Club in Madeira, host of the Madeira Islands Open. Visit for more information.

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28 thoughts on “BEST DRIVERS 2024 – 22 MODELS TESTED!

  1. PING 10k sound was obnoxious in our testing. It's almost as if they've returned to the G425 vibe. So many great forgiving drivers out there, no need to put up with that loud hollow clang sound.

  2. I bought a “shop worn” Wilson Dynapower for $250 a few months back … compared to all the new releases, I almost feel like I stole it, and for me the performance was within about 5 yards of all the $600 drivers!????????????

  3. Really comprehensive, I love it. That said, I would try to normalize the swing speed numbers buy deleting shots that were slower. It would be easier to compare carry yardage and ball speed numbers.

  4. Hi joe, Excellent presentation by yourself. Watched you when you were with Dan and not surprised by how natural you were. Been Loyal to Srixon and Cleveland over the years but would consider Cobra or Mizuno but the cost of a new driver is too high these days. Going to stick with my ZX7.

  5. Really impress with the PING G430 max 10k this year. Most forgiving, most consistent, and the distance looks good too with low spin numbers. Don't think I have seen anything like that before.

  6. Great vid, will digest properly but you mentioned qi10 max as top consistency but your data shows the regular qi10 with even less dispersion?

  7. I purchased the 430 max 10k and had to take it back the next day. I was hitting it 25 yards less than my 410 plus. I am guessing it had more to do with the shaft of the 430 because I couldn't keep my spin numbers under 4K. I ended up exchanging it for the Qi10 LS and absolutely love it. Way more forgiveness than you would expect and it sounds great. I was hesitant to even consider the LS model since my swing speed is only in the high 90s. Whatever you decide go get fitted.

  8. You probably can’t go wrong here, but I went with the PXG, felt right and the adjustability it offers with the three weights allowing you to really get it dialed in while giving you the flexibility to “future proof” it over the years.

  9. Great video, I have been without a driver for the last year so looked forward to testing all the new clubs. Had a fitting at my local club and ended up with a QI10

  10. I went with the PING G430 Max 10k. I play my driver at 45.25 and went with a Ventus Red Velocore 5S shaft.

    This combination is a great combination for me.
    Thanks for the review.

  11. For looks, there is no metal head driver looking good at all. In my opinion 1 Wood should be of wood and not metal. Sound is also so extremely different betwwen wood and metal, and I think the sound of wood is much better. To top it off is the size of current heads. Did they chop a bucket in half and covered it up? Most drivers now are so huge they are disgusting. I wish the "fashion" of clubs went backwards towards the wooden look and size of heads.

  12. Confused how you are swinging the club and enjoying what it looks like on the sole? The AI smoke looks great on the bottom but that top and hosel looks terrible.

  13. Listen guys there are so many options out there for the average golfer! You do not have to buy into these big name companies and their hype, I have been playing golf for 30 years and I have never owned a driver from the big name companies I am currently playing driver that I have had for 12 years I paid 125 dollars for it. And I can shot in the lower 70s with it!

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