This is BEST golf club from the last 10 years!?

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22 thoughts on “This is BEST golf club from the last 10 years!?

  1. I have the G425 Max Driver, 3W and 3i hybrid. They are absolutely my favorite clubs. I like the louder crack off the driver unlike many i guess. Ping is absolute quality and customizing the shafts was a big deal. Each is fully adjustable and does what they say…. forgiving, long and sleek. Truly it's the golfer that makes the difference once you get any set of newer high end clubs and i think forgiveness is a big deal. 5 yards distance (even 10) here or there really doesn't effect my level of golfer at all. Being in the fairway, hitting a target area and good dispersion does.

  2. I have recently changed my hybrid and 3 wood from Taylormade M2 2019 to Cobra Speed zone and absolutely love them. Probably look to get the driver as well. On Tuesday I hit my pals G410 Driver and hit it so straight and far it makes me think if I could get that new that would be the driver for me. It was a little heavier than my Taylormade M2 but felt right for my swing speed

  3. Ive never found a fairway wood/hybrid as good as those late 90’s Adams Tight Lies. No wood has ever been as forgiving or consistent as a the Tight lie off the deck. Will never use any other fairway woods or hybrids.

  4. I agree with you. Just saw this video and it made me smile. I have the G 425 Max in the 3, 5 and 7 Woods. They have definitely helped me play much better golf. I had them since last season and have played many rounds with them. I like the 3 and 5 so much I don't even use a driver any more. Great video. The 7 is great too.

  5. cleveland halo irons is sooooooooooooooooooooooo good took my game to next level.i played taylormade since i started playing golf nobody drives it better or longer than me .callaway fang putter what i use

  6. I saw this last week and became obsessed with buying the G425 3 wood (max). Tracked down a local person selling one and bought it for a great deal. Damn near brand new, the seller didn’t like it.Took it straight to the range it was odd. But I figured out a proper swing for the club. Works best with an effortless controlled swing rather than a full “kill it” swing. This might be nice to keep in the bag. Still love my Old Taylormade M1 3 wood.

  7. I’ve just taken out the 2016 m2 HL out of the bag and replaced it with the much older 905r from titleist. The m2 had a regular shaft and 905r has a stiff and it just feels so much more controllable for me. And I love that classic look behind the ball.

  8. I agree, I still have my original M2 driver and every year I put it up against all the new drivers and it out performs them all or stays even.

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