► Hybrids aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but if you’re a skeptic, you might be surprised at the amount of variety on offer in terms of aesthetics but also the extra performance and consistency on offer versus a long or utility iron so they are certainly worth considering for a slot in your bag. If you feel like now is the time to opt for one, make sure you watch this video to the end because we’ve tested 12 of the latest models from all the leading manufacturers to give you a good idea as to what you can expect and which one might be best for your game.

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27 thoughts on “BEST HYBRIDS 2021 – WE PICK A WINNER!

  1. Really like your club reviews. Recently watched the one done for Game Improvement irons and it had all the irons I have on my short list and a few I did not that are up for consideration now. I like the number of models you review, very comprehensive list compared to many others. It may seem like a lot for a review to be effective, however, the way you break if down makes it very easy to digest the information. The unbiased reviews and information provided is some of the best on You Tube.

    That said, I was disappointed not to see the Cleveland Hybrid offerings in this review. I am looking for Game Improvement hybrids so maybe that explains why it was not on the list. Regardless….well done. I look elsewhere for the information I need, but will come back.

  2. Garbage, utter garbage. You mention. Honma but when you showed performance (4 mins in) you haven't even got Honma shown!

    Pathetic – I guess they didn't pay enough in advertising.

  3. .I am a higher HC golfer searching for a budget hybrid to keep in my bag , as I do not carry a 3, 4, or 5 iron …..I found some used Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids for sale in my area at a real bargain price…..going to give them a try….thanks

  4. What a joke review. I am new to buying a hybrid. So I watch you praise the Radspeed at every point of view, then at the verdict it gets NO mention. Seems l;ike this was a "well sponsored" marketing event

  5. Great, this was extremely helpful as I transition to more hybrids! But this guys swing is incredible! He comes down thru that slot with tucked elbow as good as anyone!

  6. I have the srixon zx 3 hybrid may even look to try and find a 2 to see if can get so more distance off tee to replace on more accuracy based tees but this zx is awesome especially since I'm way more of a wood person and untill this zx hybrid haven't used one in years so to even get a hybrid in my bag says alot.

  7. Appreciate your hard work. I think I might just go Titleist all the way now after seeing your reviews. Yes, there are other great clubs but watching you, I may just benefit as a mid handicapper with the T200 and Titleist driver and hybrid. Thanks for your videos and looking forward to more.

  8. If I was looking to replace my Cobra SZ 4 iron (strong lofted at 19.5*) what model/loft would you recommend? Trying to find something more forgiving than an iron to hit when I’m steering away from Driver or have long approach shots if that makes any sense

  9. Joel, why didn't you use the Callaway Epic hybrid instead of the 2 Apex hybrids. The Apex have been around for a long time now so not really a 2021 hybrid?

  10. I've got the Sim2 in H2, adjusted down to 15 degrees, great off tee or deck, used for a few months with no driver whilst waiting to get fitted and it's so easy to hit, want to try G425 7 hybrid to maybe replace 5 and 6 irons

  11. Thank you Joel. Between the Ping G 425 and the Taylormade Sim Max which one do you possibly think would be easier for a high to mid handicapper to hit and get the ball off the ground? Dispersion looks a little tighter with the Ping model I see. Thank you.

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