Longest irons EVER? Callaway Rogue X Review

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Longest irons EVER? Callaway Rogue X Irons Review


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Rick Shiels Golf says:

Tell me, is this getting silly now? Where will it stop with brands strengthening lofts ? Let me know down below! First thousand comments & LIKES will get put into a price draw #1kClub

ieat caribou says:

They may not be fitted to you and they may go further, but they sure looked forgiving and you were consistently hitting the green and holding it so I'm not sure where the problem lies. The Titleist T400s have even stronger lofts now.

MegaTigerfan1 says:

ugliest iron ever

Mark Alan says:

4 years on it’s become the norm unless you are me using some Ryder zx pro irons 7 iron only goes 150yds and i use a Taylor made M3 driver which consistently helped me get around in 79- low 80s on a par 73 time I got with the times now though I want to be hitting a pw on a 150yd par 3 not a 7 iron. I tried the M3 7 iron and I could hit it 180 yards so I’m going to get fitted for some more advanced irons. My £20 secondhand Ryder clubs have served me well. All great videos Rick keep them coming 👍

Derek N says:

Long is right
I’m hitting 9 irons over green when I have 158 yards to hole
Just buy driver and a pitching wedge
All u need for most courses

Jadedrhyno says:

I have a rogue x Approach wedge and it’s unreal I very rarely ever hit a bad shot with it

Getting Negative says:

Is this how bad asses sneak a 1 iron back in their bag?

Colorado Shrink says:

Fast forward to 2022. In the US, Golf Galaxy/Dick's Sports put these on sale for $599 (5 iron through U wedge). One market Rick might have missed is someone like me. I played competitive golf until my car accident in 2002 that resulted in three back surgeries. I needed a little help hitting my irons a distance I was more used to, which did the trick (plus some!). No need for a 4 iron anyway. I have had to readjust my mindset about the lofts. I may take the U wedge out and use my Calloway Jaws wedges. Rick did not like the look, but I loved the look. I have found them quite forgiving, and I like the sound. Thanks, Rick (from the future).

gabriel sanchez says:

I’m a rookie and getting into the game more recently. I’m thinking about buying this iron set, on sale for around 800$ Canadian, you think it will be a good Purchase for someone learning still and not worrying about spinning balls and stuff like that yet. Thank you

Richie V says:

theyre just irons with the wrong number on them

Dingle Berry says:

Dingle Berry
5 days ago
Makes no sense. If the 7 goes as far as a 5 just hit your 5 and save your money. I can see why these are still sitting in the local sporting goods stores unsold.. Unless bragging rights are your thing…..

spotlight recordz Dollarsignfam says:

I hit a Calloway rogue x 9 iron 250 yd

Russ Cusworth says:

Don’t like them, don’t buy them

Derek G says:

Rick, I got these clubs based on this and your other review of the rogue x. What I've noticed is that as I hit these clubs, because of the loft, I hit my 5 around where you would hit your 5. For me, that's a win.

Steve YB says:

Hey Rick LOVE your content, quick question if you have a minute… If I could get a set of these, could I adjust the lofts to more traditional? Would it cause any long term issues?

djulesUNCHAINED says:

“Bill” doesn’t have to know that “Tim” was playing with stronger-lofted clubs… 🤣 I took these to Top Golf and had my friend HOT that I could hit my 7-iron as far as his 4-iron…

Big Boots says:

i got these irons in 2020 and love them had my best round 83 2nd yr having them

daniel vitolo says:

Should I get the mavriks, or stick to rogues x? I have them, but haven’t hit yet because I’m on the fence on exchanging

Lord Timotheus says:

Just put in an order for new clubs today and I chose a set of Rogue X with 2 hybrids and 6-PW. Found it quite funny when you needed a name and chose Tim. That's my name. Guess it was fated for me to get these.

daniel greenberg says:

Beginner golfer… bought these clubs yesterday, and holy cow i'm hitting the ball straighter and FURTHER!! Lots of fun… highly recommend.

Simon FIfe says:

I have these irons and I love them. They help me enjoy my game because I’m not over swinging the club trying to stretch out the length

Jadedrhyno says:

I have a call away rogue x approach wedge, honestly the best club in my bag as of right now

Jadedrhyno says:

Lol don’t think you really like these so I’ll pass too!

Joshua 윤호 Han says:

are the head sizes the same as traditional?

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