BEST OF SERIES: IRONS FOR THE AVERAGE GOLFER // Which Irons Give The Best Performance?

Today Ian is in the bay for another edition of our best of series, this time featuring irons for the average golfer.



Filmed at: Club Champion Toronto
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada

16 thoughts on “BEST OF SERIES: IRONS FOR THE AVERAGE GOLFER // Which Irons Give The Best Performance?

  1. A mid handicap golfer has a handicap of 27 plus or minus a bit. Not sure why everyone says 10 to 12. I've played golf for over 30 years and have never been paired up with someone with a 10 or lower handicap. It's just like at the driving range you ask someone how long they drive the ball and they say 300 yards when in reality its about 220 or less.

  2. Here’s my six for Player’s Distance and Game Improvement (leaning toward Player’s Distance):

    Players Distance:
    * Callaway Paradym
    * Ping i525
    * Srixon ZX5
    * Taylormade P790
    * Titleist T200
    * Tour Edge Exotics C723

    Game Improvement:
    * Callaway Paradym X
    * Ping G430
    * Srixon ZX4
    * TaylorMade Stealth or Qi
    * Titleist T300
    * Tour Edge Exotics E723

    I currently play and like my Tour Edge. Good quality and price so they make the list as my budget option.

    Aside from performance, I think about aesthetics; 1) feel 2) look 3) sound… in that order.

  3. As a senior 13 handicapper, I would echo the request to add to the test how forgiving a given club is with respect to "Average Joe" swing speeds and mishits.

  4. Recently got combo set of ZX5's (4-6) / ZX'7s (7-PW) and love them. Getting fit for irons truly changed my game, I got the right shafts for my swing and my ball flight is the best its been in a long time. Really loving Srixon lately.

  5. I don’t understand bending them all to the same loft. Isn’t it an important part of testing to test them as the are meant to be used? What does bending them to the same loft tell us anything in reality? I’m genuinely interested as it seems counter intuitive to me.

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