Build a Perfect Putting Stroke with These Two Training Aids!!

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I have really been grinding on my putting these last couple weeks, with the goal of having putting become the best part of my game by the end of Summer. Here are two training aids that are really helping me out, be sure to look for your own! I can vouch for both, my putting has improved a lot faster than I thought it would by this point!


Greg Ryan says:

Putting is not your weakest part of your game. Your wedge game (120 to 75 yds) is your weakest part. Your driver, 3 wood, long iron game is such an advantage, that you are 100 yds or less into so many greens, but you usually over hit your wedges. If you can dial in your wedge game ( high flop shots, lower runner shots) your game will surpass most avg PGA players due to your pure talent swing. I have seen you out at Steele Canyon, and watched gou fly greens from less than 80 yds out. (I was out there Jan 7th on a Monday and saw you play). If you can dial in your wedge game, you will win a ton of tourneys!

Gee Foo says:

Are you a PGA teaching Coach or a Mini Tour Tournament Winner?

Daniel Hendricks says:

that is a hectic training aid

HighSpinSwingSpeed says:

You are a grinder! Love that

bradley Nicklin says:

When are you going to when are you going to upload the video at Reed Creek Golf Course

Eli Beaverson Golf says:

Very interesting stuff to consider. Thx Blair!

Kyle Culver says:

Great video man! It was very nice meeting you this day. Good luck in the US open qualifier!

Brody Forster says:

Love info vids Blaire! Good change from vlog. Ur good at it too so being more homie. Keeping stats on one's game? Fairway finding ideas, course management

Matthew Bowen says:

Do you have a handicap? And how often a day do you train.

Benny Frank the 3rd says:

Looks good. What is your take on the dynamic lie of the putter? You look a bit toe up.
Tiger had toe up for a long time but for a few years now he is flat. I try to be flat on the ground as this is one variable less to worry about – because the amount of toe up can change from day to day…

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