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Discussions about the role of the head in the golf swing tend to focus on the downswing. You know, all that “keep your head down” business?

Me and my golf students constantly consider the true role of head motion as it relates to our golf swing, with most of the focus often shifted towards the downswing rather than the backswing. Golf instructors have preached the “keep your head down” mantra for decades and for many the process seems to work.

Few of these golf swing coaches pay much mind to head movements during the backswing and how golfers can optimize this crucial sequence further by achieving the best possible head motion while rotating their shoulders simultaneously.

As the global golf community continues to see measurable results from applying George Gankas golf strategies, some of Gankas' former students are now beginning to dominate professional golf tours each weekend with the exact same swing lessons found in George's videos.

With a high level of educational and entertainment value, George Gankas golf lessons rank among the most watched online golf instruction videos on any platform. The GG Swing Method Online Golf Academy continues to help develop the golf swings of countless casual players, some of which may become the next top speed golf pros of the coming generation. George Gankas remains omnipresent in golf media, having recently been profiled alongside Butch Harmon in Golf Digest and countless other sports media outlets.

As with each component that makes up an effective golf swing, players will notice there are several proper ways to execute the athletic motion that produces accurate shots, and this also includes experimentation with head movements during the backswing. Me and my golf students have noticed that keeping our head frozen in the same position increases tension in the neck while also becoming restrictive in relation to shoulder turn and a player's ability to hit the golf ball at full force.

For future top speed golf pros that already can execute proper shoulder turn in their backswings, the movements in the head should already reflect swiveling in conjunction with shoulder rotation, or moving horizontally a bit opposite of the target. When properly moderated by the player, neither of these athletic motions should be considered prohibitive of golf swing accuracy and success.

When many novice golfers begin developing their backswing for the first time, many believe the sport to be ready, set, go or rather fore play golf, and actively seek out quick fix strategies they believe to be better golf advice than proven fundamentals that have powered golf swings for decades. Any golfer with tour experience will remind newbies that the sport takes time, dedication and patience. What may be better golf strategies for some can also be detrimental for others. Experimentation with your swings remains the best way to developing a golfing strategy that works best for you.

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