Tiger Woods’ best shots of the decade: 2010-19 (non-majors)

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Check out some of Tiger Woods’ best shots, from long drives to clutch hole outs and putts to win tournaments between 2010-2019 – excluding majors.

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Poochy the first says:

Not just golf sporting GOAT of all time 2005 hole 16 best thing I've ever witnessed

oni akuma says:

y a la gente le gusta esa mierda ?

Matthew Pocock says:

This is the reason I believe he is the greatest player ever: Imagine every other player at their best. Compare Tiger at his best. He's untouchable.

Raja Singh says:

So nice Tiger sir

Troy Thomas says:

Why exclude the majors???

bento sobral says:

Tu veux rattrapper tiger en quoi en chiffres en record ou tu veux rattrapper son couple et sa fille quel humain tu es?

Pushidon 2 says:

Hope Tiger gets better soon

Mayuresh Mane says:

Really unrealistic 🙄 skill the man have now this is called a 'legend'

R W says:

I was probably 20 feet behind Tiger at the 2015 Quicken Loans played at RTJ golf club in Gainesville VA and the shot was about 235 yards all up hill from a side hill lie,unfreaking believable!

Ben Nata says:

He is a cheater hmm

KingKillersKastle says:

It’s so weird how men want to touch on him and grope him as he walks by. He is a regular human just like you. And I’m sure you wouldn’t want other men touching on you as you walk by.

Simon Wang says:

The spotty zebra neuropathologically scare because salmon thermodynamically remember behind a juicy doll. dazzling, childlike mist

Laura Sanchez says:

0:20 It literally sounds like a football stadium

Kalla Gabru says:

"Just Like Tiger woods"

Narayan N Bgk says:

I have seen tiger in the woods hunting for eagles..

Vivek Chadha says:

who is watching this after aditi ashok game?

Metalextra says:

Thaiger the king of the woods!

Mahmoud Abdeljalil says:

Tiger woods is the number one golfer in the world.

karimata says:

A really tiger on the golf

JC Abram says:

For those who wonder if he’s the goat or not. Check his made-cut and top 10’s stats per starts. It’s stupidly insane with the talents on tour and the dominant he was. Hope he got a speedy recovery.

Ketlyn Silva says:

Jornada. Ale.

Ketlyn Silva says:

Carregador costas . X carrinho. Rodas. Gol.

Ketlyn Silva says:

Bola. 66. 88.

Ketlyn Silva says:

11.ração. mestres.

Ketlyn Silva says:

Partida golfi. Lava ambulancia 192.

Munro 7 says:

RESPECT from Spain to this LEGEND.

Jasa Doncheva says:

Hold on TIGER!!!! ANABEL…💋

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