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22 thoughts on “Buy these golf clubs NOW!

  1. I rarely buy woods new. During the summer I bought a TM Sims Max driver for roughly 1/2 price and it was in mint condition. From Global Golf in the USA. True it was last years model but plenty fine to me.

  2. I ordered 2 clubs off eBay and noticed in the description a shaft problem and asked eBay to cancel the order and found the two clubs on eBay again and also checked the seller online and they were legit. Got them today and no issues.

  3. I went for the cheap PXG and although not convinced initially I’m doing well with it now. A tadge over £200 was a complete bargain and it was the first new driver I’ve ever bought . Happy days

  4. There was a sim2 on Facebook market for £200 gutted I didn't go for it. The lowest iv seen sim2 generally on Facebook market is £250 some saving to b had

  5. I bought a set of Ping G410s this year from 2nd swing a 4 iron through SW must have been a demo set for $800 and they have the KBS C Taper Lite shafts they looked brand new. I also got the G410 driver and 3 wood for like $500 for both slightly used. Then I paid a premium price for the Glide 2 black wedges with the custom KBS black wedge shafts and a Evnflow putter for $200 on Evilbay.

  6. Although the 2021 Tour Edge Exotics C721 and E721 models are absolutely FANTASTIC clubs, and they are a relative bargain even at their full retail prices, if the golfer is willing to go with the 2020 EXS220 models, the driver, fairways, hybrids AND irons are all great clubs and they are available at super-low prices. Tour Edge Golf has a pre-owned section, much like the Callaway Preowned website, and some unbelievably great pries can be had there on new, demo and very lightly-used preowned clubs. The selection is obviously nowhere near as extensive as what you will find on the Callaway Preowned website, what they have is an absolute bargain on some fantastic clubs.

  7. Saving a bit of money is always good. But meandering through reviews of the clubs mentioned seems to indicate that, for you at least, there is no real difference between any of them. And that the only notable differences between any of the clubs tested is when you try fatter grips, shorter shafts or similar. As the voice of the average golfer, is it responsible for you to constantly encourage the purchase of new clubs that offer no real benefit? I suspect not.

  8. PXG…I have the 0211 driver and I love that thing. 1/2 the price of the Big name brands and every bit as good. I hit it as long as all the others I tried. Right now PXG 0211 is $219 US! Look at their irons as well…older model irons are awesome and really inexpensive! I now game the Gen2 0311 P and love them.

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