Callaway Golf Irons Comparison of 2023 & 2022. Callaway Paradym & Paradym X Game Improvement and Players Distance Irons are the most recent irons released by Callaway. The Callaway Paradym released in 2023 is the most recent iron offering while the Callaway Rogue ST Max irons were released in 2022 and are last year's model. The unique thing with Rogue ST Max is they can still be custom fit, offering game improvement irons at a lower cost value. The Paradym irons lean towards a little more of a player's iron and come at more of a premium cost.
In this video Thomas Campbell, PGA Professional and Director of Instruction at Swing Lab Performance Golf hits and compares four separate iron models. The Callaway Paradym & Paradym X Irons and the Rogue ST Max & Rogue ST Max OS irons. For testing the club speed was just over 80 mph and each iron used was a 7iron. You will find out the difference in performance along with what type of golfer should play each iron type.

Swing Lab Performance Golf is a high-performance golf training facility that opened in February 2023. We are located in Lakeville, Minnesota and utilize top of the line technology to revolutionize the way golfers improve their game. Our technology includes Trackman, Quintic, Zen Green Stage, Putt View & Swing Catalyst. We also offer club fitting services for all the major manufacturers including Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Mizuno, Cobra & Srixon / Cleveland Golf come see us to gain some distance, improve your dispersion or to make more putts.

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  1. Stop shuffling clubs in and out of your bag, work on your ball striking!

    You may be surprised at how much your game improves instead of investing a fortune in new irons, hybrids, and drivers. I’ll be playing with my Mavriks until 2030????????????

  2. Hey Thomas, I was wondering where you were now. I am so surprised to see you left 2nd swing. I will definitely follow you here now. How is your tournament play going now?

  3. You need to swing slower AND flip the face up with more loft on those GI clubs. Every shot is a bunker shot. Then you'll get the landing angle to behave! ????

  4. Man. My swing speed is spot on 80-83 and I have Cobra SpeedZone irons and they don't go anywhere near that carry distance. I bought them used, so not fitted, I'm pretty disappointed. New club prices and fittings are so expensive. 2k+ on a set of irons for people who maybe play 2-3 times a month is silly.

  5. Very good information. I am 6'4" and a friend of mine encouraged me to go with stiff shaft clubs. This introduced a slice, I've gone back to regular on my Driver. Woods and Hybrid and the slice has practically disappeared. I have the Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 55 on My driver and the 65 on my woods and hybrid. I am looking at the Rogue ST Max OS Irons because they have a bit more loft.
    My current Irons have the steelfiber 90FC stiff shafts, I am looking at either the steelfiber 80FC or the Tensei 65. What are your thoughts on this?
    Thank You

  6. Another excellent comparison. I’m 67, handicap 12. 7 iron swing speed only around 70mph. Can you recommend what might suit as I’m just starting to look for new irons. Many thanks ????

  7. Thomas, timely video. I tried the Paradym X and had great carries and total yardage, but often lower flight and landing angle somewhat shallow. Would it make sense to deloft it a degree to get it a little closer to the Paradym lofts so that I can take advantage of the the Paradym X's other favourable characteristics?

  8. After Watching the Video seems like other than looks Performance is actually pretty close. So when price is factored in hard to justify with owning Max OS Irons.

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