Callaway Epic Drivers Review and Comparison | Epic Speed, Epic Max, Epic Max LS

The Callaway Epic Drivers, new for 2021, deliver exceptional performance through more use of Artificial Intelligence and redesigned Jailbreak technology. The Callaway Epic Drivers include the Epic Speed, Epic Max, and Epic Max LS.

In this video, 2nd Swing's Drew Mahowald and master fitter Thomas Campbell review and compare all three models with the help of Trackman technology.

The Callaway Epic Drivers will be available to pre-order on January 26, 2021 and will be available in 2nd Swing stores on February 18, 2021.

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25 thoughts on “Callaway Epic Drivers Review and Comparison | Epic Speed, Epic Max, Epic Max LS

  1. Have used the epic max gbb for years and love it, but is time for a new one as there is a seam on the bottom of the club that my tee head went through. The dirt, pebbles that have entered since make a rattle, so I am looking at a new epic maxx head. The Fujiwara shaft and jumbo golf pride grip are still great. Thanks for the info!

  2. When Trackman writes the ball SPIN in italic font, it's guessing at the spin. Do you guys find the spin to be accurate even though the system is always interpolating the SPIN number in your tests? (the solution is to but a silver dot sticker on the ball so it can lock on)

  3. Another great review, thank you so much guys! I'll be interested to see if Thomas decides to take the Epic Speed head-to-head with the SIM2!

  4. Great stuff guys. I am honestly very interested in a 9 degree Epic Max, set open to 8 degrees with possibly the weight moved 'fractionally' to the Toe. If you guys have that head, I would love to see Thomas hit it in that setup because our swing speeds are very close and I think it would make an excellent gamer.

  5. Would love to hear your thoughts on tsi3/tsi2 compared to epic speed and max in looks, sound , launch and spin categories…….the tsi3 I believe looks even more compact than speed head , no?

  6. I have the mavrik max driver and I find it very spinny if I hit the sweet spot im going to compare my marick against the ping 425 and the epic max ls

  7. Looking at going with the MAX LS with a stiff shaft, how did the MMT shaft feel in comparison to the Ventus Blue and RDX Blue Smoke. Is the extra $$$ for a Ventus or RDX Blue going to be worth it over multiple years of play?

  8. Would love to hear about the various stock shaft offerings that Callaway is shipping with these new heads. Thanks for another great review!

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