Old vs New Golf Clubs | Callaway Drivers Test

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This Callaway drivers test fulfills one of our most common requests, which is a comparison of old vs new golf clubs. The differences over two decades are especially noticeable in drivers.

This old vs new golf clubs test features two Callaway drivers from the past 20 years, including the Callaway Big Bertha Hawkeye and the 2021 Callaway Epic Speed. 2nd Swing master fitter Thomas Campbell tests both Callaway drivers against each other using Trackman to see the major performance differences.

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Chris Thomas says:

Good stuff as always from you guys. Thanks!

Ben Brea says:

Great in depth analysis! I’m a 17 handicap currently. I have a 10 degree big Bertha Hawkeye that I’ve learned to hit straight consistently but at a lower swing speed. Definitely looking to upgrade after watching this so I can increase my swing speed without sacrificing straight drives. Thanks Thomas!

Eggs Mann says:

pffttt…these 20 year club comparisons to the newest crap is just comparing a 20 year old grip to a new fresh one. Look at that dispersion. Absolute waste of time.

André Gagné says:

Tige xx stiff et xxx stiff se fait tu
avec callaway merci

Torch B says:

Can you do one on the x-14 irons and older fairway woods?

Daniel Cohen says:

It's good to know all those balls I hit OB right back in my 20s weren't my fault after all! That's going to be my story, anyway…

Dennis DD says:

I still use my Hawkeye 3 wood

d k says:

Oh boy, i remember having one of those hawk eyes as a teen.
Off topic: am I the only one that thinks your voice volume is much lower than your intro/outtro music? Feel like I have to play with my volume when watching your videos.

Young Money Investments says:

A video on ball/club data as you change the loft via the loft sleeve with a Sim 2 would be an awesome video!

Greg Bailer says:

Away from golf since 2000 and still have (3) 1996 Callaway RCH 90 (R) shafts with Big Bertha knock-off heads. Your video proves to me that even with your 110 SS, it is VERY difficult to hit this 250cc head straight. I thought it was just my cobwebs of not playing. My speed is under 90, and I hit the RCH 90 3W-15 loft and RCH 90 5W- 21 loft with a nice small fade. BUT>>>The 9.5 Big dog is a banana and NO gain in yards over the 3W. Range cadet for now to re-learn my old skills. Just ordered the Tour Edge driver to test out modern technology on an old-guy budget. Adjustable drivers are now everywhere, my old clubs seem like a 2G Nokia vs my Samsung 5G.

sneaky shotz says:

I swing at about 100-105 mph…
I could maybe hit 110 if I really try and go full tilt at it…

Why does the 90 mph swing he put on it look like he is jut trying to chip it out there…😄

G Tom says:

Changed from cobra zl to cobra rad speed xb. 10 year upgrade in the making. Man everything about it is easier to hit. But there is a real shaft in the latter.

I think the head has made improvements but shaft tech has come forward by leaps and bounds I would say.

Mauritz van den Heever says:

Good video showing the advancement in technology yet is difference really that much over past 20 years. I will say no not really as a 7 yard difference in total distance nothing. Yes today's drivers much more forgiving and surely makes it easier to hit good and bad shots with almost same outcome.

Miguelito Aniceto says:

How much of a difference would a really good shaft make in the Hawkeye? 🤔

Kevin Companey says:

It's remarkable how similar the sounds are!

Kevin Johnson says:

I wonder if the results are more because of the advancements in shaft technology.

donsmnc says:

The woods are full of long and crooked drivers, thus no way their scores will come down pounding balls into the trees all day, also highlights the distance gap is not so distant as sometimes advertised over the last 15-20 years

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