He won $2.7 MILLION… With VERY OLD Golf Clubs!?

We take a look at the 4th highest ranked golfer in the world PATRICK CANTLAY and how is equipment could be older than yours!?

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11 thoughts on “He won $2.7 MILLION… With VERY OLD Golf Clubs!?

  1. Just recently I went back to my old Mizuno MP001 (460) driver with the stock Exsar 60 stiff shaft. That thing feels so rock solid and does perform just great without being the latest and greatest in technology. That tells you a lot about marketing BS ???? – that's the same in Golf as in Tennis ????????

  2. Great vid, I had a hit with my old Titleist driver approx 15 yrs old, Yup! still goes as far as my TS which is about 3 years old : ))

  3. Lol the way the title sounded, I thought you were gonna say this guys clubs were like 30 yrs old. I play with a set of blades from the 1930s, and wouldn't trade em for the newest model.

  4. Simon… it’s time to give up the ghost and get yourself on with some of your YouTube counterparts. We all know by now that you are a well respected and honourable person. But I’m sure that everyone here on your channel would agree that we would love to see you gain the attention you deserve for all of your hard work ! Which I thank you for profusely. Thank You. ????????????

  5. I have $250 Hogan PTx Pro irons, a used driver and woods. Only thing new are wedges and actually they were used only once. Looked absolutely brand new.
    My friend has bought three sets of 'fitted' irons to the tune of some $4,500 and I absolutely kill him on the course.
    Here's the hint guys… You have to know you. Once you understand that, only then will you get better.

  6. I use 30 Yr old mizuno blades and my driver is 6 yrs old and I still knock it round in the low 70s…..i love that he doesn't necessarily use the latest gear ????

  7. Fun video mate! Always good to tell the story that you don’t need the newest clubs to perform around the golf course. It’s the the player not the clubs ????

  8. The reason why some tour players (not only Cantlay) chose to use older/more worn-out wedges in pw/gw is because the newer ones generate too much spin as they are used on fuller shots compared to sw/lw, where maxing out spin around the green is more important. pw/gw with fresh grooves would just zipp of the front of the fast greens they are playing.

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