Cameron Champ Drill – Driver Swing Speed 130mph – Push Right Foot as Fast as You Can

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Jf Vezina says:

See how early his lead leg is straight at the begining of the downswing…. Im sooo late compare to that

Kyeung min Kim says:

I think it’s not the right leg(thigh) but the right glute that’s pushing and starting rotation of the hips. Just like baseball pitchers turning their hips while left foot is off the ground.

IMIrrry says:

The Pause at the top of Wilco's swing is beautiful…just charging the power in his arms…

The way he takes to driver way out of plane wide then drops it back in plane is like a mini Matthew Wolf move.

Greg C says:

Wtf is this music

Scott Robinson says:

Death move if you don’t create space with the pelvis on the backswing.

Hammy135 says:

Just looks so smooth and effortless, while he’s creating an unbelievable amount of speed.

Kevin Shoemaker says:

Slo-mo shows him shifting weight forward before hips unwind, then he applies ground force by pushing on the gas pedal with trail foot…

Zero2Hero Golf says:

No squatting and leaping in that powerful swing. He builds Ben Hogan type rubber-band tension and maintains it in his downswing, finally releasing it at the appropriate time. Awesome swing!

tsdean1980 says:

likely the worst choice of music to every be paired with a golf video….

JJ415 says:

What’s the tip? Listen to trash music and use the power of rage to drive it further?

Just Truth says:

Whats with the fruity music…

Steve ash says:

I agree with this analysis. There has to be blend and balance between pushing off the right foot and left hip rotation. However without a degree of right foot action, one can be left with a "stuck" trail leg.
The club then reaches the ball before the right knee covers it. This leads to an under-rotated " flippy" swing at impact. I had just this problem, and more right foot action at transition has improved my consistency, and distance. Thanks for reading.

Robert Molnar says:

pushing with the right foot 😂
champ just gave it away with saying he is trying to turn as hard as he can

if you do something as hard as you can (even pushing with the right foot, which is one of the least things in a golf swing where you can get power from) you will hit it further
it’s not rocket science, hit it harder = goes further
if you will make good contact that’s another thing

seizethecarp says:

WTF on the music, man?

bloatedsodium says:

What is this music! 😂😂😂

Parker Rex says:

Candidate for worst sound track on YouTube

Michael Williams says:

These golfers are going to suffer multiple injuries in the foreseeable future.
1. There are golfers that are naturally gifted with a powerful swing – Ernie els Rory. You can see it in their golf swing where they're not forcing anything. It's an elogent swing.
2. There are golfers that are not and they manipulate many aspects of their swing to gain power. Those moves are very unnatural and place allot of stresses on their body's resulting in injuries – tiger and eventually these 2 golfers.
Jumping up while rotating the your body downwards to hit a golf ball. Serious compression and stress on the back/spine. 🤕

Codex says:

Notice how he re centers his weight and starts to unwind whilst still on his backswing that's what most ametueurs don't get

Brad B-rad says:

Could you have picked a more girly song for a video 🤮

James Smith says:

There’s a small push from the trail leg at the top of the backswing to get the weight forward, but the real “kick” is by the lead leg after the weight has been transferred. The trail leg comes off the ground only bc the weight has been transferred off it – not bc of a push (it is still bent) – but the lead leg is straight and pushing the rotation (notice lead heel off ground with straight leg, and height of lead shoulder at impact vs set-up).

Vista Physical Therapy and Rehab says:

Are you kidding with this garbage music?

Ben Clabaugh says:

Song ruins the video.

John J says:

What the hell with this music

James Dearman says:

Great if you want to early extend. Images can be misleading.

Robert Haar says:

Pushing off the right foot is a feel many good golfers have especially if they have loaded significantly to their trail side at the top of the backswing..Hogan describes this in Power Golf. This combined with the correct right knee action, helps transfer weight to the front side and gets the hips open 45deg at impact.

sci fi sicko says:

Hard to watch with that stoopid music. The right leg can be used to generate torque to aid in rotation but it's a different feel and action than what is described here. What CC is describing here seems like a classic case of feel vs real. Watch his left leg and turn the volume off.

Overhand Golf says:

This is one of the most perpetuated and false ideas in golf. Look very closely at the action happening here. The opposite of what you think is what's driving the hip turn. The hip turn is driven by pushing backward and away from the ball with the FRONT LEG, while the back leg bends and folds. YOU CANNOT PUSH WITH A LEG AND BEND IT AT THE SAME TIME. Pushing is done by straightening, not bending. If you don't believe me try it, push backward and away from the ball, not downward but sideways along the ground (sheer force) with your front foot and see for yourself how fast your left hip clears and pulls the right side along with it. Pushing with the back foot will only give you early extension and a stupid looking swing. That's like trying to run and throw at the same time.

Jamie Brown says:

You couldn't get any gayer music

3-DDjr says:

Looks like they're pushing just as much with left foot.

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