RORY MCILROY – How To Hit Your Irons | Me And My Golf

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Rory McIlroy SHOWS US why he is the ultimate iron player.

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Bryant Acuna says:

Rory is a cool cat

flim flam says:

Rory is just pure class. In every interview he is honest and humble

Jim Walker says:

Totally level-headed, modest, yet great player (and a joy to watch).

Horsied says:

didn’t learn how to hit my irons at all watching this 😂

Mitchell Bonomi says:

ALWAYS enjoy a clip with Rory McIlroy..

danh nguyen says:

lovely, thks guys

Josh says:

Love Rory he’s the man! Good people.

Fed Up says:

Watching Rory shape those shots reminds me of me, basically because I like to watch videos.

Mark L says:

Soc some dingers already

Michael Edwards says:

Cannot take to these guys. Something arrogant about the presentation.

Robert Keyse says:

Rory is a class act

Ricky Cabiluna says:

Impressive 👍

kallemain says:

Perfect footwork guys 7:42 😄😄😄

Boobler 26 says:


Richard Johnson says:

What a nice guy he is. So classy. This is what golf is all about.

Born upon a wave says:

The boring stuff ends at 2:45 .

CyGuy says:

His accent drifts between American and British…very confusing listening to this dude 😂🤷‍♂️

Buckwheat Hikes says:

What a stupid, stupid video. One of the world's best players and the cameraman/editor positions themselves so that the Trackman covers up what is occuring when this man hits the ball.


What a gigantic waste of Rory McElroy's and everyone else's time.

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