Cameron Smith Short & Mid Iron Swing Sequence and Slowmotion

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jesse young says:

so perfect swing and so smooth and stable.

Nightingale0111 says:

Is he hitting it with his left hand?

Mohammed Malik says:

So many great players give the impression of hitting left after impact.
Unknown secret – look at Ben Hogan.
Been doing this for weeks – definitely works

Leland Hopkins says:

Just before impact, Cameron says he release the club head for more power. This swing is so smooth,

John Kurtz says:

The best thing that he does is win. His swing is a bit complicated, but quite repetitive. Very good at hitting from the inside. And his putting…fabulous

Katha Chareonpong says:

Awesome channel. Can you do some of the LPGA golf swing too please.

luke jackson says:

Pure as the driven snow.

David Brennan says:

Is that a bowed wrist top of his backswing ?

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