Can a Golf Pro Tell The Difference Between The Best Drivers of 2024?

I brought in a Golf Pro to find the Best Driver of 2024. In this video, we tested the Titleist TSR3, Cobra Darkspeed LS, Wilson Dynapower Carbon, Srixon ZX5 MKii LS, Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond, Ping G430 LST and the Taylormade Qi10 LS. Can the golf pro tell the difference? All that and more

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Hi I’m Brandon Cubitt or @NEWNINEGOLF on Instagram, welcome to my channel New Nine Golf. I'm a scratch golfer and I'm obsessed with all things golf! I'll give you unbiased reviews from a consumer perspective and ill bring on golf pro's for lesson series to help make you a better golfer. My golf course vlogs will give you an inside look at the courses I'm playing and you can see where my game is at. New Nine Golf is a culture of not giving up, learning from mistakes and moving forward to be a better version of yourself everyday.

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Thanks for watching the video Best Golf Driver 2024 for a Pro

00:00 Intro
00:56 TSR3
04:49 TSR3 Data
05:44 TM Qi10 LS
07:30 New Nine Golf Club
08:04 Driver Swing Tip
09:47 Qi10 LS Data
11:02 Wilson Dynapwr Carbon
12:41 Dynapwr Data
13:17 Ping G430 LST
14:32 G430 LST Data
15:45 Srixon ZX5 MKii LS
16:29 Biggest Mistake in a Fitting
18:30 ZX5 MKii LS Data
19:35 Cobra Darkspeed LS
21:02 Darkspeed LS Data
22:55 Callaway Paradym Smoke AI Triple Diamond
26:25 Ai Smoke Data
28:39 Wrap Up

14 thoughts on “Can a Golf Pro Tell The Difference Between The Best Drivers of 2024?

  1. The monitor setup must be off. Hard to believe he is launching everything so consistently off line left. He has such a consistent swing.

  2. I feel like this would be a great video if he didn't know what drivers he was hitting and was only told the data at the end. That way there would be no bias

  3. I love it, and I know no one will ever do this but I feel like a randomized scientific version of something like this could be so much cooler. If we want to "use the data" it would be nice to try to account for a lot of biases (fatigue, brand preference changing swing etc)

  4. Really wish there was a guy as knowledgeable as you locally, that I could get a fitting with. And I’m in Augusta, GA even…you would think Golf Meca….its not. Best we have is a Dicks or Edwin Watts with college kids working there

  5. Thank you, great interview! Some editing feedback though, the shake graphic during the hits makes it difficult to watch, especially when you fast play 4 hits and only do the last one. Just one editors opinion. Thanks again!

  6. Do cleveland drivers ever get played on tour? I like the xl (yet to use the xl2) but have never seen them anywhere, other than my bag..

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