2024's MOST FORGIVING DRIVERS – Clear Winner?!

Taking my first swings with 2024's new drivers! I chose the max model from each company for maximum forgiveness.

Buy the TaylorMade Qi10: https://pga-tour-superstore.pxf.io/ZQ3W7z

Buy the PING 10k Max: https://pga-tour-superstore.pxf.io/AWX67a

Buy the Callaway AI Smoke: https://pga-tour-superstore.pxf.io/jrAdYZ

Buy the Cobra Darkspeed: https://pga-tour-superstore.pxf.io/9gao0E

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25 thoughts on “2024's MOST FORGIVING DRIVERS – Clear Winner?!

  1. Hi from the uk you’re breathing concerning me as a practising doctor you should not be so breathless hitting a few shots please get a check up please

  2. Yea this guy don't know what he's talking about but with that weak swing I would of picked the ping..I hit all these clubs and the cobra had the best results but didn't match with my Cobra Aerojet…

  3. Smoke was longest and most consistent on distance, and had the least amount of deviation. Why would you not think that was the best driver with the most forgiveness?

  4. Ping is just putting that new driver out there with lots of marketing dribble, i'm not convinced, personal opinion. As engineering rules Govern driver specs it comes down to Marketing BS (fancy terms etc) at the end of the day it is going to be hard for OEM's to sell more drivers in years to come, look at the Ping G400 it is still a great driver.

  5. I hit all of these the other day at the PGA super store- G430 max 10k was by far the best for me (5hdcp)- I have set up a fitting for next month- basically a shaft fitting as it was crazy how the numbers changed when the guy at the store changed a few out..

  6. Still think g430 max with movable weight would become more forgiving for a lot of players. I almost wish it was less movable weight as the shot shape correction is almost too much!

  7. I am happy with your tests, because you are way closer to my type of swing, than most of these other YT influencers with their perfect swings way over 110mph. And I could imagine I am not the only one who think so…
    So go further and I hope your channel will grow

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