Can this Tiny Golf Simulator Actually Produce Accurate Results? Shocking Results!

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Can this tiny golf simulator produce the results you want for an at-home affordable golf product?
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This is a paid promotional video.
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Benjamin Orvold says:

STAY AWAY FROM SWINGLOGIC!!! This device is garbage and their customer support is beyond horrible, especially Davis Cosgrove who is their Operations Manager. Latest firmware makes the device freeze several times a round and will have a ridiculous shot out of nowhere. Example 8 iron normally goes 160yds will suddenly go 240yds. It is a glorified Wii Golf. Shots always go straight. It’s fun the first time, but doesn’t last. Buy a launch monitor.

Jags4lifeJames says:

Funny enough they must have had a hard time with the name, it is now called SwingLogic SLX. I live in a smaller area and not much room for the net and don't have a ceiling high enough to swing real clubs to make a real simulator. Really thinking about giving this a try, appreciate the review.

Ralph Mastronardi says:

Looks like an pretty cool device. What are the using for projection from pc to the big screen?

Terry McLaughlin says:

Can it be connected to a projector onto a golf impact sreen

Easy Media says:

The difference in distances comes from the different length of handles between TittleX and your normal iron. If you attached Tittle higher on the handle of the iron, it would be closer to you and therefore travel less distance over the swing. This way you'd get distances closer to reality, it was just attached too low 🙂

Isshjarta Rein says:

Beautiful swing, good video

A C says:

Just picked it up let’s see .

Jason Butch says:

Using at the office? Or do actual work that you’re getting paid for

Kyle Hicks says:

Can you cast it on any tv while you hit into a net?

Chris M says:

This is no longer available, which is great timing as the video was recommended to me;(

TheCjclaflin1 says:

Can you pair this with iPhone so you can use it at the range with it in your clubs??

NineEyeRon says:

I feel all those non-club devices need is a lazer projecting where the clubface would be on the ground. This is so we can address the "ball" properly.

Cloudy Sky says:

Would try Golf+ with Meta Quest 2, that's more real.

Jimbo says:

loveit! But is this thing discontinued? I cant find it anywhere, even Amazon!

Victor Shaffer says:

Spin numbers were crazy

DogeGFlover says:

No way your hitting it 285 with just over 100mph club head speed

Alan Kasjan says:

Thanks for a great video. Very informative, I will buy one.

Fosho says:

More of a game than a training aid.

Last Boomer says:

I'd like to get this set up in my garage. How does one get the big screen and projector to display in addition to buying this device?

Travis Belleville says:

I just got this yesterday for Christmas, pretty happy with it, fairly odd to set up and it says it can connect to android (and has google play store app) but when I retrieve the license off of the website it forces me to choose Windows/PC or IOS only. I ended up using the license on my laptop since I can just take it to the hotels for work and swing in the room. I noticed it gives me a few more yards per club than normal except on the driver it hits the low end of my average. I haven't tried it on my clubs yet but glad to see from the video it looks accurate

Questions I have are probably newb questions as I've never had a device like this or simulator but:
1) How do I aim on the course? Say I play a course and it aims safe for the middle of the fairway but I want to aim over the water. Manual didn't say anything
2) Putting seems like a nightmare, is that typical for devices like this or just a learning curve? I'll put what feels like 10 ft and it goes 20 feet.

Jadyn Scott says:

Wait title… or titel


This looks like the go too for me, Canadian winter is here! Thx for the upload Matt….Subbed and liked!

Keaton Kohlrus says:

So can you connect this to a projector and run the software off it?

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