How To Finally Shallow The Golf Club | The 2 Stick Drill

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How To Finally Shallow The Golf Club | The 2 Stick Drill

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Jacob R says:

Would you do this differently with a wedge vs a driver as far as under/over???

adfasd says:

After you make these changes you will not play good golf for weeks or even months. It is a complete rebuild but if you want a correct swing it must be done.

Jackson Layton says:

what alignment sticks are you using here?

cga frisco says:

Beautiful swing and a great strike.

Stan Getz says:

7:34 how are people doing with this?

Brandon says:

@clay would this stick alignment drill work for driver

mike bishoff says:

Is this the same with a driver?

Scandal929 says:

Your videos have been a tremendous help to my irons game, I only wish I had discovered them earlier. Driver very inconsistent(200yds-240yds). Do you have a video on the proper mechanics of the right arm while using driver?

Reid Edmondson says:

Can you make a ball shaping video? How to hit draws, fades, high shots, etc

Scott Smith says:

Excellent video and explanation Clay, well done lad!

Korny says:

The simplest way to shallow the club is to put your trail elbow in towards the side of your stomach when starting the downswing!

TheSaiyanLegend says:

Thanks for the great drills clay, i've watched your videos all year long. My new years resolution was to consistently break 100 and im now shooting high 80s/low 90s with your help!

Zero2Hero Golf says:

Solid instruction Clay! Forces the player to swing on or under the plane a little, great drill.

Brandon says:

God I wish you were my coach. You identify a lot of my issues which are common issues.

Wilson Hung says:

Proper backswing and shallowing early in the downswing would by itself take care of many other potential issues. Utterly important, and utterly great lesson!

Jeff Hallock says:

Thanks for the great tip Clay, my swing seems flat and am excited to see how this feels! Only thing is, we don't have grass ranges this time of year up in British Columbia, is there a device that can support an alignment stick to have it propped up like this on a mat range? Thanks 🙂

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