Can this Tiny Golf Swing Analyser Produce Accurate Results (Shocking Results!)

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We are all looking for that next training aid to help us lower our scores… I hear 99% of golfers say this “I hit it great in a golf lesson or on the range and I can't take it to the golf course” I think one of the main reasons for this we don't have nay way of monitoring our own practice… could this tiny swing analyser be the answer. Lets test it!


Today Alex Elliott test the Blast golf swing analyser to see if it is accurate and does what it says on the tin…. the thing we have to remember is we are looking for accuracy relevant to the price point. we all know that the likes of TRackMan at £25,000 are the most accurate but as a club golfer is there an easy to sue alternative?

Will this Tiny swing analyser allow you to hit he driver on the up and with better swing tempo on your own? Lets try it out in all departments of the game. Putting, chipping, iron play, bunker play and DRIVER

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AlexElliottGolf says:

What do you think? Do you use any swing analyser at all? Are they any good?

Chatterbox says:

How does it know if you do a pre shot….or don't you..?

Ryen Phipps says:

actually tour average is 1.2 degrees down on the driver

XstremeLivn says:

Alex any device like this one that has distance included?

Laurent Schmitt says:

Great video, 1000 Thx!!

georgia may says:

I just don't know if I can justify the cost for me personally. I spent $500 on a new driver late last season and I got an extra 25 yards in exchange on most of my drives … and at the end of the season my driving was the best it has been in years in accuracy and the extra distance. So worth the money. I'm hitting about a thousand balls a week at my local heated practice range .. working mostly on my long clubs this winter. (okay ..maybe two thousand a week) So would a gadget do better than the golf ball's action off the clubface for me? I just don't know. Thanks for the info AE.

Tim Lambros says:

As an Arccos user too, does the Blast Golf anaylizer keep cumulative stats? Would you ever use it on the golf course for any reason or is it mostly a practice range tool?

Gary Rae says:

Just got one for Xmas,was gonna eBay it but will give it a bash after this review.cheers

BeachBow says:

You brought up a point at the end that occurred to me when I first saw it installed. How much will having that weight on the end, change the swing? And if you have to change your grip, like moving down on the grip to keep from holding the device itself, how will that change the stroke. Most people would think it would be negligible but swing weight is a tricky thing. Not necessarily a deal breaker, but I'd have to take any of the measurements with a grain of salt. BTW, how long do you thing the attachment is going to last, being pulled off and on during a round? Are replacements available, and how much? Good review with an honest opinion. Thanks.

Robert Hepburn says:

Great comments and much appreciated

Beryl Wright says:

really useful tool, thanks

Garry Sutcliffe says:

Shame you didn't show us putting data, a

Martin Hardman says:

Blimey! Interesting…but what about the release?

Tye Eggleston says:

Awesome looking product….SOOOOOO, only available for the UK?.

James Richter says:

I own one of the Blast devices I think it is a great device for the average golfer Great price Can use it all winter indoors to sharpen putting I would recommend

Jean-Claude Guignet says:

Very interesting, thanks!

Bill Bruggink says:

Great video. Seems like a good tool if it helps with angle of attack & face angle

Wayne Trinier says:

Never used an analyzer…just afraid my swing might blow it up.

Ray Ford says:

I actually ordered directly from America and was half the price

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