Casting and Create Lag in Golf Swing

Casting and Create Lag in Golf Swing

Learn to avoid thin shots and improve compression at impact.  Watch as this video defines what casting is and lists the symptoms of casting such hitting the ball thin, scooping, and a lack of distance.The “how” “why” and “what” that initially causes casting such as a weak grip and open club face, and finally some specific drills to stop casting, create lag and improve compression at impact in the golf swing. The result will be crisp, long golf shots with piercing flight and a divot like the Tour Pros.

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46 thoughts on “Casting and Create Lag in Golf Swing

  1. I just tried your third drill. My question is if I make contact and my
    divot is after the ball does this mean I have my hands in front of the ball
    when making contact? I don’t feel my ball flight is low so I’m questioning
    whether I’m doing it correctly.

  2. Hey Herman great drills, but I’m a little confused on how to tell if I have
    an open clubface at the top of my swing. Any other ways to tell. Does a
    flat swing generally have an open club face at the top?

  3. Most casting problems occur when a player tries to ‘hit’ the ball with his
    arm swing. When you try to use your arms to hit the ball you take your body
    turn out of the equation. Bad move.

    What you need to do is turn your body AHEAD of your arms. Actually try to
    get the sense that you’re leaving your arms behind as you bump your hips
    towards the target and begin to turn. You must let go every bit of muscle
    tension in your arms and hands for this to work. If you get the sensation
    that you’re losing control of your swing, then you’re doing it right.

    What happens then is pure laws of physics – the lag you create in your arms
    will make it impossible for you to cast the club. And the club head will
    release at the right time and whip through the ball with great speed and
    power. Simple.

  4. Thank you so much for uploading, I have suffered with this problem in
    varying degrees off and on for 20 years. My bad shot is a nuclear straight
    pull left with a divot shallow but deeper towards the toe pointing to where
    the ball just went O/B!!
    Very good tips that actually work (I’ve just done the wedge drill outside
    in the pitch black and rain !!) I can feel my wrist angle wanting to extend
    at about half way down the down swing and I really have to Lag the wrists
    so I know where my fault is. I used your wedge drill and the position I
    gained at impact felt amazing -attacking from the inside and extending my
    wrists just after the “shot”. Even without a golf ball to strike ,the swing
    feeling felt awesome. Thankyou again from a 10 H/Capper.

  5. Super helpful!!!! Great drills!!!! In the last drill you set the wrist in
    front of the right thigh… then swing thru to impact… Great drill, but I
    have trouble, when I do my full swing getting my hand in that position…
    in front of left thigh then starting the release… How can I get my hands
    down in front faster… thus releasing on my left side more?

  6. great video herman thanks. What is the feeling of starting the downswing in
    the hands or arms? Do you feel like your left hand or left arm is leading
    the pull down or even or right dominant? Is the cast made worse by pushing
    the club with the righ hand? Im guessing left arm leads the swing from the
    top? Please explain

  7. Just when I thought the video on the flat left wrist was the greatest piece
    of instruction I’ve ever seen, I found this. For 25 years I’ve been casting
    the club and hitting the ball either dead left or hook left. I never really
    knew why until I discovered the concept of club head lag and a flat left
    wrist. I shot par for the first time in my life yesterday; the ball just
    kept firing long and low (compared to my old swing) down the middle and the
    seeking the pin like a magnet. Thanks once again!

  8. @hermanwilliamsgolf Thanks a lot for reply and explanation, makes sense.
    I’ve been trying your drill and it feels as if my swing is almost lethargic
    as compared to before, hopefully as I’m not trying to hit from the top so
    much by powering it with my hands (my post drill swing is on my channel,
    “post lag drill”, before lag drill is “Swing2”. It feels better (and have
    had a lot of help from your other vids, excellent stuff)

  9. Great instruction. Question: In a normal swing, why does one need to keep
    width on backswing rather than early wrist hinge that would mirror
    downswing? (like what you use for this exercise to a). I’ve read multiple
    reasons for a wider arc on backswing but I don’t see the logic if the
    downswing is performed correctly with a late release of the wrists?

  10. texnet or wittek … can’t remember it’s been almost 10 years. It’s made
    for 10′ x 10′ hitting cage and I used iron gas pipe to hang it like a
    shower curtain.

  11. Hey Herman, Great video! I have a question though, should the wrists be
    very loose? And kind of floppy? Or is it more of a flexed feeling in the
    wrists? I guess what I mean is am I trying to hold my wrist cock by flexing
    them or is the gravity with loose wrists making me maintain the lag?

  12. Your awesome!!!!! Question, Im a 2 handicap and ball striking with irons is
    what’s keeping me from the next level, this video has helped because I’ve
    always hit a fade but it is over the top, can you help explain hitting a
    fade from the positions you talk about it this video, because for an over
    the top decent player this can result in a hook or double cross !!!!HELP!!!!

  13. Fantastic video! I’m a late caster! Do you have any videos on how to stop
    coming UP and OUT of your swing? I’m a 6’3” golfer, and I think my mind
    processes staying constant throughout the swing as my club getting too low
    and hitting the ground! (Irrational!) As a result, I come up when I swing.
    Hit things fat/thin! Any advice?

  14. These are EXACTLY what my local pro had me doing about 5 years ago.
    Practice these every night for a week to get the feel & then hit the range
    & trust it. These drills really, really, really transformed my game. If you
    want to hit ultra clean, crisp, boring irons that take off with a crack and
    you can actually hear the ball “wizzing” as it takes off with a lot of
    spin, then master these and watch your handicap drop quickly. Great
    Video-wished I had seen it 10 years ago. Thanks Herman.

  15. This is the best training video I have seen. I always picked tge ball clean
    off the turf, and my drives lacked penetration always fading to the right.
    Using this video for two weeks has totally changed my game. I get much
    better distances from my shots, I can actually hold a green now from
    distance. My drives are straight, gaining 50-70 yards. I can now sell off 5
    of the 6 drivers I have bought in the last 12 months, in an effort to cure
    my slice. Hermon you are a Guru Thank You

  16. Thanks Kunal. That’s one thing I think more people should realize. If we
    are doing things correctly and take time to be patient and deliberate to
    get it right, we should see changes almost instantly. Glad you’re finding
    it. – Herman

  17. Sure … you basically want to strike the ball on the “inside” quadrant
    with a mildly open face to hit a slight push/fade like Freddie Couples.
    Hands drop to waist and continue with butt of club driving targetward to
    delay any face closing. If you can keep the hands ahead of the clubhead &
    butt of club moving down the line, your impact will be on the inside corner
    with slight open face and ball will behave as intended. You should be at
    impact with crease of right elbow facing up and still bent.

  18. Most casters lack the ability to get arms in front of chest on down swing
    … It’s almost impossible to cast if golfer keeps butt protruded and
    quickly moves arms in front of chest

  19. I try not to think of my hands or arms, it’s all in the hips baby!! But I
    do have a slight casing problem though. Hopefully this vid will help thanks.

  20. Herman’s lessons are the only ones that worked for me and makes sense. Kept
    coming back here… Herman, can I think of throwing the butt end of the
    grip to the ball while hitting it to base 1, instead of thinking of hitting
    the club head to the ball, which I think causes casting? I can hit 3i that
    way, but I still suffer from fade shots with long clubs.

  21. I don’t slice but tend to push, the ball go straight to 1o’clock direction.
    What are the possible causes, and how to prevent it from happening again?

  22. It’s taken me 4 years to figure out that is what I was doing wrong. Its
    kind of embarrassing. But I don’t care. I’m really excited to try my new
    swing. Thanks for the video.

  23. lag is the hardest for me, my body is going wt heck are u doing?? but the
    move with the wall may help, so going to practice that move before I do any
    more golfing

  24. @bruizer1100 Pull with both equally. In fact it is very necessary that the
    right is pulling at least as much as the left. Imagine driving the butt of
    the club into your right foot and using both hands to do it. Good luck.

  25. @meil212 Your swing path is headed to 1 o’clock and the clubface is also
    pointed at 1 o’clock to get that result. You can close the face slightly in
    the setup, and your normal swing pattern should produce a slight “draw” to
    curve the ball back to target. Or you could work on developing the feeling
    of your swing path exiting more to the left after impact. This will usually
    bring the club more directly into the back of the ball and improve the
    tendency to head to right field. Good luck. – Herman

  26. I could never understand something about the golf swing. If you are
    supposed to compress the ball by hitting the ball on the down swing and
    causing a divot afterwards, then how do you do that if your stance position
    has the club behind the ball? Wouldn’t you end up coming down just shy of
    the ball where you started from?

  27. @droslund Current favorite is Casio EXFH-100. Films at shutter speeds of
    1/2000th per sec & up to 1000 frames per second where normal video is only
    30. It’s so slow you really don’t need swing software – looks like Konica
    Minolta SwingVision from TV. These files are huge though and may not work
    with all software. We like Swingview Pro software. My other cameras are
    Canon ZR85 camcorders with manual shutter speed settings of up to 1/2000th
    per second. Necessary to freeze the shaft in motion.

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