Classic Sporting Moments, Seve 1985 Ryder Cup

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Adrian Lewis says:

Cant help but get emotional, a wonderful Spaniard who made us all believe,
RIP Seve

woodybarn66 says:

i’d like to see seve’s putt – must be 100ft at least

czw1984 says:

RIP Seve you will be missed 🙁

thedogshongers says:

top bloke SEVE!

domfish555 says:

@Sticka5 i did the same today. Was only 8ft from the pin. Missed the eagle
putt by 2inches.

solow79 says:

Rest in peace seve. You will be sorely missed.

wildernessuk says:

Yes – better shot on the friday.. Now that was a truly great Ryder cup
moment… Seve shows the Americans how it is done…/.

dopedisotope says:

God bless seve, what a nice man.

michael parker says:

Played that today missed the green and landed in the drink fun trying though

sowmonger says:

A golfing legend has been taken away from us all…..RIP Seve.

José Luis Rodriguez Muñoz says:

Que descanses en Paz CAMPEON!!!!

GeemanThe1 says:

God Bless you Seve. May you rest in eternal peace. Thank you for bringing
so much pleasure to golf fans everywhere.

63Brummie says:

Sam was quite a BadASS too LOL

Mark Sims says:

I remember that! He almost jumped out of his shoes. Amazing drive. You
couldn’t upload Sam’s putt to win it could you????

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