Cleveland 588 Custom Driver

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Review of the Cleveland 588 Custom Driver by Award winning PGA Professional Matthew Conner,

UK Golf Tuition Breaks. The Number one in the North East:


Matthew's most recent awards ‘Golf Foundation PGA Professional of the year 2009', ‘Scarborough & District Sports Coach of the Year 2010' and former PGA Rookie of the year.


Riaan Hunter says:

I have hit this driver yesterday with my Miyazaki Kusala 72g 5555 Shaft.
Avg Spin was 2200rpm. avg Distance 280yds. It performed more or less the
same as my XL with the same shaft. Only difference was the 588 feels a lot
nicer off of the face and much more forgiving. Great driver. 

jimk12 says:

Love your work and appreciate your reviews. 

Jake Sporn says:

Please do a review of the 588 hybrid!!!

Sgt Pepper says:

Thanks for reviewing this driver Matthew,maybe a matrix black tie would
bring the spin down to custom xl range?

doublet91 says:

I think I’ve seen all your videos but don’t remember if you’ve said… What
ball is used for these videos?

Alan Mills says:

Nice review, top quality.

Le Tube says:

Careful Matthew, for some of us that would be one of our better strikes!
Cheers pal, keep up the good work. 

UpAndDownGolf says:

Love your videos! Looks like a great driver.

emac417 says:

out of the new drivers you’ve hit. what do you like best?

Frank Mines Jr. says:

Ping i25 please

Eugene Robson says:

Top review Matt & thanks. Big thumbs up

emac417 says:

it doesn’t seem to fly as high as some of the drivers you’ve hit recently.
what do you think about that?

Bob R says:

Can you review the 588 Hybrid?

Bob R says:

Enjoy all the reviews, keep up the great work!

Le Tube says:

Haha classic first strike! Also like the first ball of the over going for
four wides when that happens. Is there any difference in the new Titleist
CB forged irons and the current TaylorMade version..? I want to add a
3-iron to my TaylorMade MC set (4 – PW) but am disappointed that the new
ones are cast and with that gimmicky “speed pocket” in them. If they are
almost identical like the MBs I might sneak the Titleist into the set?

Thanks, Paul. 

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