Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge Grind Options – Which Sole Is Right For You?

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2nd Swing recently caught up with Cleveland Golf Director of Marketing Brian Schielke in Southern California to discuss the four unique Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge Grind Options and Which Sole Is Right For You, that are available as part of the new RTX 4 wedge lineup. The four new grinds are the Full, the Mid, the Low, and the XLow, and between the four there will be a great option for any player regardless of their angle of attack, the course conditions where they usually play, and the types of shots they prefer to execute around the green. So which grind is right for you? This video has the answers. For more information about Cleveland’s new RTX 4 wedges, visit To see more YouTube videos from 2nd Swing and to subscribe to our YouTube channel, visit


Todd Williams says:

Looks like the one for me

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