Wedge Golf Tips With Roger Cleveland

Wedge Golf Tips With Roger Cleveland. Mark Crossfield talks to Roger about chipping styles and how to make the most of your short game with better use of your wedges. Learn from one of Callaway's chief club designers about why they put bounce on the golf club and how you use it to help you get up and down more often. Play your best golf with simple and easy to follow golf tips.

17 thoughts on “Wedge Golf Tips With Roger Cleveland

  1. Hi guys, what R C is saying wouldn't it have the same bounce effect if i just have the face open at address and use my standard take away? which is how I play from sand or am I missing something?

  2. I was lucky enough to be shown this first hand by the man himself back in 2002 during the open Championship week trust him it works. You will hardly take divots again and will his short pitches crisp with more spin

  3. I've never heard this tip before in my life, but its hard to argue with Roger freaking Cleveland. Soon as I get home I'm going to give this a try.

  4. Hey Mark, i left a comment on a previous video saying u and locky need to get to australia. U left a reply saying totally agree, Well my reply to that is this. Im a 15 year old playing off 16 and i have a mate who is 16 playing of 1. We would both love a round with blocky and parfield, so your golf travel your way down under and get stuck in. Hope to see u and blocky soon.

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