Colin Cowherd discusses the Dallas Cowboys and NFL replay policy | THE HERD

Holly Sonders joins Colin Cowherd in a discussion about the Dallas Cowboys' Week 16 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Plus, Colin explains the NFL replay policy and referees getting the call right in the Buffalo Bills-New England Patriots game.

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25 thoughts on “Colin Cowherd discusses the Dallas Cowboys and NFL replay policy | THE HERD

  1. But Cowgirl fans always have an excuse, Colin. Even if they can’t make the playoffs this year or lose every year, there is always a reason for their failure. What’s the excuse today, cowgirls? ????

  2. Overall, Dak and Zeke are a tag team, these 2 dudes can take the Cowboys far. They just need their defense to do what they did last season incorporating this season's sacks.

    But the Seahawks, I predicted they would do the job. I can't wait for the NFC Division Title.

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  3. Didn't even make it 30 seconds into the video.. don't sit there and say they aren't poorly coached. Jerry must have paid you well to defend his little puppet.

  4. Hey Colin how are the local clones doing seeing their balls busted here? I got my nutcracker ready on my hand. See it’s not that difficult staring down at my desk as that a fail by the triggered angry white guys,

  5. Jason garret is a poor coach…period…..give this same team to Seattle coach, la coach, or even kc coach, would be different….only thing you can predict with DALLAS is more excuse why they didn't get it done….25 years of excuses and counting

  6. Hyperbole Colin making excuses…. cowboys were in his "hierarchy" a week ago… they're not in the playoffs…. they aren't going and weren't in the playoffs when he put them in now he's making excuses…. this has been the cowboys since 1997…. overrated, underachieving.

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