CRAZY Golf Moments (Part 3)

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Jake S says:

I hate golf, but Phil Mickelson is the OG

Leif Opstad says:

4:12 I remember watching this live and thinking to myself, "oh stop it!'

Squelch says:

A prime tiger wasnt even human !

Assassin Killua says:

Much rather watch golf than football. Just a peaceful nature too it and the players don't act like idiots when they hit a whole in one. Used to make fun of golf, but I see the appeal of it now.

Hospital Administrator says:

Haotung had the best clip

Steve Cormier says:

Love golf attire. The best quality hats and cloths

Bricksie says:

really.. 3:58 I can't even get out of sandtraps

Zoomer 30 says:

"Greg Norman at The Masters"

Sorry, just the location reminded of a MST3K joke.


The Couples swish hole in one was like hitting a double bulls eye from the other side of the bar

Jakob smith says:

Seeing tiger wave his club like a wand after he hit that shot out of the sand trap and it lands and just takes off to the right😳
Mans right he’s a artist


Thats the thing i like about women golfers. They may be shit at driving, but they're good with an Iron.

fernando says:

Gonna add this to my favorites

Dane M says:

Here hold my girlfriend

Doritos 5 says:

Interesting how the camera man decided to not show the ball for a couple seconds there on the first clip…

Ein flinkes Wiesel says:

I can do some of those shots on the Wii

ExclusiveLM says:

This video should be renamed Super Natural Occurrences On Golf Tournaments !! Anything short of that title doesn't do this video justice !

GamerGee says:

1:16 nothing but hole

Tom Zart says:


Many games were played with a stick and ball

As far back as the early days of man

Till the 14th century, golfers teed off

At St. Andrews Scotland, with clubs in hand.

Today men and women both play golf

As a group or just one or two.

Players rich, poor, pro or in between

Practice their swing with clubs, old and new.

They don't go thirsty cause they bring their own

Whatever it takes to enjoy the day.

Sometimes they play several games at once

As they win money or give it away.

There's nothing better than a green golf course

With the sweet scent of spring in the air.

To escape the drudgery of the workplace

Where you can laugh, joke, brag, gamble and swear.


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greg james says:

The first clip , he hit the ball , the ball went over the water , the spoof art splashes he bounces the across the water , , , who missed ?

Angel Manzano says:

It’s fake look down then 2 balls appear

Zayle Michael Torres says:

wow good miss

골미남 Golf MiNam says:

this clip is amazing 😀

matt brown says:

4 🦅 🦅 🦅 🦅 in one round with a 🦅 🦅 finish is nuts

Bruno Villeneuve says:

2:10 He knew this was a terrible shot and got very lucky hahah

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